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The Three Elements of Access Control

Access control is a vital part of information security and is defined as the process by which you grant or deny access to your data, property, and other objects. Three elements make up access control: identification, authentication, and authorization.

What Are The Three Elements of Access Control?
The world of information security is vast.

What Are Video Walls Used For?

A video wall is a collection of video shows linked together to form one enormous display area. It also contains the technology and software that allows the screens to communicate, acquire static or dynamic material, and regulate where and when information is displayed on the wall.

The Rise of IP-based Video Surveillance

The rapid transition from analog to internet protocol (IP) is among the most significant advancements in monitoring. Because of the internet's strength and reach, the combination of IP-based video surveillance and IP technology is ideal if you're looking to expand your video surveillance capabilities.

Benefits of Implementing Commercial Outdoor Digital Signage Displays in Your Business

Outdoor digital signage displays are the future of communication and advertisements. Many companies have transitioned from boards to digital displays because of their attention-grabbing colors and graphics. So much so that a digital signage display captures 400% more attention than a static display.

Why Video Conferencing Improves Enterprise Business Communication?

Video conferencing is an essential tool for collaboration and improved workplace efficiencies. Since the pandemic and COVID19 restrictions call for social distancing, there is no better way to maintain business activities than video conferencing. Almost 76% of companies use video conferencing, and 56% of employees say they participate in video meetings every week.

Considerations to choose the Right Touchscreen Display for your Business

Workplace priorities have changed since COVID-19 wreaked havoc in the business world, disrupting supply chains, workflows, and every practice that fell under "business as usual." As the world slowly returns to normal from the Covid19 pandemic, business leaders' biggest concerns are keeping the workforce happy after months of remote work and flexible schedules.

Why Your Organization Needs Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless technology has had a significant impact on our lives, helping us stay connected wherever we are. From a business viewpoint, it has transformed how we work and the corporate structure almost beyond recognition in the last couple of decades, with the emergence of mobile networks, WLAN, cloud, and other technologies that enable mobility.

Do You Know How Digital Signage Experiences Are Improving?

The digital signage industry is improving as businesses require more control and creativity when displaying their ads. Moreover, consumers are also looking for newer ways to interact with their favorite brands. This has ignited a spark in the digital signage industry, leading to innovation and creative ways to engage consumers.

How COVID-19 Transformed the AV Industry?

May of 2020 has been rough for the AV industry. However, the present and future have optimistic turnover. However, before we get into the details of how COVID-19 transformed the AV industry, it’s best to explain what AV is.

What Is AV Industry?
AV stands for AudioVisual.

Benefits of Improving the Acoustics in Your Office with Sound Masking

Workplace soundproofing is an effective way to boost employee morale, improve work efficiency, and prevent information leakage. Moreover, various audio solutions help improve workplace safety where sensitive information is shared during meetings. 
Understanding Sound Masking Technology
Audio Visual technology companies have created an innovative method of protecting sensitive data from reaching the wrong ears; this has become possible by using emitters installed in a grid pattern running along with the ceiling.