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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Video Conferencing

In the world of business, video conferencing is still relatively new in comparison to other methods of communication. To some, it may always be taboo due to its unfamiliarity with employees and little integration into the office. However, those businesses that have begun to use video conferencing have done so successfully, and with reports of positive outcomes.

Why and How You Should Apply Audiovisual Solutions in Conferences

Effective and direct communication has never been so important as it is in today's workplace. The fast pace of technology and the rise of social media means that miscommunication and misapprehension of news that moves at the speed of light make personal interaction crucial to success.

How Is Sound Masking Deployed?


Learn how Sound Masking is deployed and all its benefits for your company.

BCS Consultants offer innovative office sound masking solutions for businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement sound masking in your office.

3 Benefits of AV System Design For Your Company

The demand for AV systems is increasing at an incredible rate, with advancements in technology enabling them to do more than ever before. With the help of audiovisual systems, which include collaboration tools, video conferencing capabilities and wall signage, it's never been easier for businesses to share their content and ideas with employees and potential customers.

How Should An Optimal Surveillance Camera System Be Operated?

A CCTV Surveillance Camera System is a vital tool for business owners looking to deter criminal activity and internal theft on their premises, as well as increase employee productivity. However, in order for surveillance systems to be effective, they must be installed and operated optimally.

Why Do Modern Businesses Need A Fiber Optics Network Infrastructure?

Although most businesses will have heard of fiber optic network infrastructure, many still don't understand exactly what it is. However, for any business hoping to keep up the pace and evolve at the rate that technology does, a fiber network is an absolute must.

Sound Masking vs. White Noise: What Can Sound Masking Do That White Noise Can’t?

Should office spaces embrace openness or privacy? Thanks to constantly-improving technology in the field of audio engineering, it is now possible to have both. Introducing a sound masking system into an open environment offers that solution.
What is white noise?
You probably already have some idea of what the phrase “white noise” means.

Importance Of Structured Cabling

What is structural cabling?
Structural cabling can be categorized as a standard component for telecommunications cabling that consists of smaller elements also known as subsystems.
Subsystems of structural cabling

Equipment rooms: These are well-managed rooms that store wiring equipment and consolidation points.

What Is A Wireless Access Point System And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

The internet is gradually becoming a basic necessity in the daily operations of both major and minor businesses, be it in corporate offices or car dealerships. No longer do people require numerous ports to connect multiple computers. By using a quality wireless access point for business, you can easily connect hundreds of devices using one port.

Office 365 simplifies calendar sharing

Office 365 receives updates so often that they’re hard to track. But the software suite’s basic calendar functions will always be among the most popular. If you’d like to let people outside of your organization see your calendar, all it takes is a few clicks. Share an Office 365 calendar with specific people Click the […]