Hosted SIP Versus On-Premise SIP

Prior to comparing on-premise SIP trunking system and hosted SIP, you will have to do a thorough requirement analysis and market research.

Hosting is always regarded as a better option for small scale businesses that operate on small budgets.

Teamwork And Communication

Employees who have the ability to execute and manage a project almost single-handedly get all the accolades in an organization. However, it is also important that employees are also good team players i.e. they are able to work in a group while providing valuable inputs during all the phases of a project.

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Outsourcing IT Support Helps

Majority of the modern business houses relies profoundly and substantially on technology. This indicates that these business houses need support processes, which can rapidly fix problems. There are companies, which choose to manage various IT support service providers internally, while some others outsource this particular responsibility to other companies.

Collaboration Without A Phone? – We Ain’t Kidding

The moment we talk of collaboration, one thing that comes to our mind is telephony because we all tend to consider it to be an integral part of the process. Well, there is nothing wrong in thinking that way but with the advent IP communications things have changed a bit.

Top VoIP Predictions for 2016

will make communication easier and cheaper. When it comes to communications, VoIP is the most discussed topic nowadays. 2015 had been a year of Voice over Internet protocol and 2016 seems to give us more of it. Thus, let’s try to make a few VoIP predictions for 2016.


Cloud has changed the way businesses stored their data and the way software are programmed.

5 Facts On VoLTE You Should Know

In the US, the new buzzword in telecommunications is VoLTE or Voice over LTE network. Wireless operators are doing away with their 2G voice networks so that they can replace their services with 4G LTE. This network has been an outcome of years of experiments conducted by telecommunication companies.