The Benefits of a Business Phone System in the Cloud

Cloud telephony is a new form of long-distance communication that many businesses are beginning to research. When it comes to communicating with clients, companies want to ensure that they can lower their costs so that they don’t have to worry about spending more money than is necessary.

Features Available in IP Phones

IP phones are the latest rage in the market and people are queuing up to get the best phones before they fly off the shelves. The reason behind the craze is that IP phones come packed with numerous advanced telephony features that the old PSTN phones do not possess.

Solving VoIP Faults & Problems

Delivery of Voice or multimedia over an IP network is termed as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. As the name suggests, it is delivery of voice communications and different multimedia sessions through IP networks, or, in simple terms – over the Internet.

How Do IP Phone Systems Work?

IP phone systems are gaining immense popularity among companies all over the globe. They have become an essential tool for communication both within and outside an organization. An IP phone system transmits data over IP (Internet Protocol) layer and is referred to as VoIP technology.

What is VoIP Codec?

Businesses across the world have realized the importance of VoIP as an emerging telecommunication technology. It has helped enterprise communication to become more efficient and smarter. VoIP or, Voice over Internet protocol, is a technology that transmits analogous voice signals in the form of digital packets over the Internet.

Simplifying VoIP Monitoring

The world of communication has been given a paradigm shift with the use of VoIP, cloud telephony and mobile IPVoIP Monitoring.This change has not only changed the way people communicate at offices but also for those who have switched to VoIP for personal communication.

On-Premise vs Cloud VoIP

Are you contemplating a change or upgrade of your communication system at office? Are you confused over having to decide whether to opt for the premise based VoIP or Hosted VoIP? No more confusions as we are going to learn about the strengths and weakness of both these systems.

Premise-Based or Cloud Based Phone Systems?

This is a continuation of the blog we started last month. Last month, we spoke on the strengths and weakness of each systems. Today we will look at costs, features and usage facilities of both.

Making a choice between premise-based and cloud based phone systems can be pretty overwhelming if you are not aware of the finer details.

Advantages of Cloud Based Phone System

Business houses – both large as well as small have now the liberty of moving their telecommunication service from the existing conventional on-premises Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to a cloud based phone system. Moving to a PBX on the cloud has several advantages, as this transformation includes moving from a dedicated hardware system to a vendor managed system.

Cloud Computing

The Fascinating World of the Cloud

Cloud based computing system has brought in dramatic change in the area of computer technology. Today, with the introduction of cloud computing, the concept of information sharing has seen a drastic change on both technical and behavioral aspects.