Giving Back is the BCS Culture

Sunny Rajab, CEO of Business Communications Solutions, faced the biggest challenge of her life when her 5-year-old daughter, Shayda, was diagnosed with a rare type of Stage IV cancer and given a slim chance of survival. After nine months of chemotherapy and a hard-fought battle, Shayda beat the cancer and inspired her mother. Appreciative of all the support they received, Sunny and Shayda wanted to support and encourage other children fighting cancer, so they founded the Shayda Strong Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity.

Aside from launching her own charity, Sunny gives back through philanthropy, mentoring graduate students and business professionals, and empowering women. Sunny has been a longtime supporter of the following charities: American Cancer Society, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Save the Children, Association for Homeless and Disabled Veterans, Resurrecting Lives, USC Cardinal and Gold Premier Fund, National Police and Troopers Association, and the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation. In addition, she also donates for causes such as leukemia research and battered women’s shelters. The BCS Team also regularly volunteers at the OC Rescue Mission, the county’s most comprehensive private homeless services provider.