Digital Signage Solutions: Setup and Installation Services

Eye-catching commercial displays that make your brand and business stand out in an event, busy street, or in a shopping center

Digital signage is used in a variety of businesses and industries to display custom digital messages, videos, images, menus, or data. Digital signage displays have the ability to visually promote your products to passersby on a public street, provide information at shopping malls as promotional advertising for vendors, or allow your employees to easily relay information during conferences or presentations.

Digital signage solutions can even be integrated with several third-party services (such as Outlook) and be easily updated to display information suited to your business’ needs. Whether you utilize small display screens for room schedule viewing or have large screen displays for viewing in public spaces, our digital signage installation services are a useful addition to your business.

Interactive and touch displays will take your digital signage system to the next level. Create a personal experience for your viewer to help them better remember your brand and message.

The benefits of BCS’ Digital Signage installation services are clear:

  • Save money in the long-run by reducing print and administrative costs
  • Create a more engaging user experience and make a lasting impression on your customers
  • Easily update the content on your digital sign with a few clicks
  • Run more relevant, time-sensitive ads to easily attract your target market

LG Digital Signage

Commercial digital signage displays simplify operations, reduce labor costs, and are designed to last longer than consumer TVs. In addition, the displays include computer memory, a processor, and a webOS™ operating system

Userful Digital Signage

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform streams video, images, websites, dashboards, menus, CMS content, or applications onto any screen worldwide in real-time.

Display any content you create at any resolution onto any screen or group of screens from video walls and LED walls to single LCD screens and smart displays.


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