Productivity increases are proven in workspaces with sound masking systems.

Whenever you work in a place with other people, you will inevitably become distracted by conversations, phones ringing, and other general office noises. While some people can ignore the sounds or let them fade entirely into the background, sometimes it isn’t that easy for everyone.

The noises of an office can be a distraction, especially if you are trying to have a private conversation and don’t want others to listen in. The best way to make sure everyone can work effectively is through sound masking.

Sound masking uses comfortable noise that is engineered to block out louder sounds and allows the brain to focus on something else. Louder sounds are masked and blocked from reaching the ears of those who would be distracted by them.

When employees are able to concentrate on their work, rather than focusing on distractions, this enables them to be more productive.
This in turn benefits employers. Employers spend less on wasted time and gain more revenue with increased productivity.

For sound masking to work effectively, it will need to follow the proper installation process. There are two ways to do it: direct field, which sends the sound directly into the office via speakers. Alternatively, indirect, where the speakers are pointed up at the ceiling and then the sound bounces down into the office area.

Both methods of the installation can provide benefits to your business, and neither one is wrong. Installing sound masking technology into the workplace will improve employee productivity and ensure with confidence that any confidential discussions are protected.

Key Benefits of Sound Masking:

  • It’s at the same frequency as typical human speech:
  • This allows conversations to be masked, hence the name sound masking.

  • Sounds are either blocked out or lessened:
  • The distractions caused by them then fade away into the background noise. This allows individuals and groups to focus on their work.

  • Protect private or sensitive information that you don’t want to be heard:
  • You can turn on a sound masking system, and the extra layer of sound can prevent confidential speeches from being listened to by those who shouldn’t hear them.

  • It isn’t localized or otherwise detectable, and it quickly fades into the background:
  • The sound is often pleasant to those who hear it. You won’t have to worry about the sound being distracting or foreign to your employees.

  • Employees are more productive:
  • Fewer distractions means employees can work more efficiently and productively. Less time wasted on noise distractions will increase revenue for business owners.



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