Provide effective communication even in the largest and noisiest of environments

Effective and efficient communication can have its obstacles when working in large, open facilities such as warehouses and distribution facilities. When it comes to saving time and money, you want to make sure that your team can communicate with one another or to an entire facility with efficiency and clarity. With BCS’ low-voltage cabling, surveillance, access control, and paging solutions, you can be sure that communication, safety, and security will be on your side.

Overhead paging solutions have the ability to provide audible coverage throughout an entire facility and can be completely customized to suit your space, noise level, and employee shifts and can also have various emergency alert notifications programmed for quick safety notifications.

Our surveillance and access control systems can limit employees to restricted areas or access into the building during specified hours. Security cameras and NVRs can provide video coverage to building entries, restricted areas, product areas, and much more, which can give your management team peace of mind and help prevent internal and external security threats.

Systems and spaces we design and build include: