Transforming existing infrastructures from eyesores to well-organized spaces

Over time, it is not uncommon for a company’s IT room to become neglected and disorganized with cables strung about and connecting miscellaneous pieces of equipment. It is easy for these cables to get intertwined, be unlabeled, and get disconnected by accident because of the disarray. With BCS' team of professionals, we can assist with cabling repair and maintenance by documenting existing cabling and networking connections within a company’s space and providing a facelift to those unsightly rooms. This can make it easier to identify issues that may arise or to make future connections to new equipment.

Existing data cabling and fiber optics can have infrequent issues that require a technician to assist. We can dispatch our qualified cabling repair and maintenance technicians out to a customer’s location to troubleshoot an issue involving data cabling or fiber optics, identify the problem at hand, repair the issue, and provide resolution. If for any reason our team is not able to resolve the issue during the visit, our team will provide solutions to our customers that will offer a way to clear the issue.

Our cabling repair and maintenance services include:

  • Documentation of existing cabling and fiber optic
  • Keeping an organized record of the cabling infrastructure and its purpose.

  • Existing network rack clean-up and re-organization
  • Making sure the cabling infrastructure is placed in an efficient manner.

  • Category 5e, 6, 6a cable and fiber optic troubleshooting
  • Identifying problems with cable and fiber optic setups with accurate diagnostics.

  • Category 5e, 6, 6a cable and fiber optic repair
  • Applying technical expertise to mend and return cabling setups for them to work properly.


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