Single-mode or multi-mode, BCS can build the fiber optic infrastructure you need

Although fiber optic cabling solutions are not suited for all business environments, it can serve as a useful solution for large facilities. Fiber optic cabling is frequently used when connecting multiple IDF locations together within a large space, for providing connections that span far distances that exceed what standard Category 5e/6/6a cabling can cover, or if a higher speed connection is required.

Corning sets the stage for telecommunications when it comes to fiber optic cabling. Their products can be found in a multitude of environments ranging from temperature controlled buildings such as schools, hospitals, and warehouses to exposed, harsh weather conditions. Corning’s offerings are an industry standard which can frequently be found in various areas worldwide, along with their fiber optic accessories.

Fiber optic services include:

  • Single-mode (OS1, OS2)
  • Usually used for long distance communications for telecommunication service companies and educational organizations.

  • Multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3)
  • Used mostly for internal, short distance network communications and device telecommunications.

  • Termination types: ST, SC, LC
  • Fiber optic connector settings used selectively for each type of application.

  • Fiber optic backbones and demarc extensions
  • Connections for large internal data management for fiber optic infrastructure design.

  • Extended manufacturer warranties available
  • Fiber optic cables from manufacturers who provide a warranty against product defects.

  • Fiber certifications
  • Cables manufactured to performance specifications and safety standards from the industry.

  • Manufacturer certified technicians
  • Installed by a team of trained professionals with knowledge and insight into the workings of fiber optic cabling solutions.


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