On-Premise Access Control

KT-1 Standalone

With a built-in, embedded web server, the KT-1 controller can operate in a cost-effective Standalone Mode. Simply configure and manage your one door access control solution using a dedicated web browser on a desktop or mobile device - No EntraPass software required.

The Ethernet ready one door controller

The innovative KT-1 controller from Kantech can be configured in two user friendly operational modes. KT-1’s Standalone Mode offers basic one door security using a simple web browser. Alternatively KT-1 can be used with the renowned EntraPass security management software to provide a more advanced, fully scalable access control solution.

System expansion

Not only can you connect hundreds of KT-1 controllers in one access control system, but a single KT-1 controller can also act as a ‘head IP Controller’ for more than 31 additional controllers under one IP connection in EntraPass.

Secure communication

Using Kantech’s ioSmart card readers and cards, KT-1 provides highly secure encryption measures using AES 128-bit encryption between the ioSmart card and ioSmart reader and secure RS-485 communication between the ioSmart reader and the KT-1 controller.

Key features

  • One door IP controller
  • Capacitive touch button programming using EntraPass
  • Plug & play installation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • LED status indicators



Kantech Access Control Kits

Choosing an access control system doesn’t have to require hours spent sorting through hundreds of software, hardware, and reader offerings. Kantech’s Access Control Kits include all of the components you need to get up and running quickly and easily.

Axis Access Control

Whatever your needs, and no matter the size of your system, we offer access control solutions that suit your requirements — from the most basic access control management software and hardware to more advanced options.