Organize, manage, and secure your business’s network cables and networking equipment

Data centers are the lifeline and backbone to your business’s operations and functionality. With BCS’ low-voltage cabling and data center design teams, we can create your data center infrastructure to meet your needs which are also scalable for future growth. Our goal is create and provide your company a space that is scalable, secure, and organized.

Our team takes into consideration the multiple variables involved with ensuring that the design created suits your needs, which include: available IT room size, business size and existing cable count, rack space required for customer’s networking equipment, ladder racking for seamless installation and routing, and cable management for an organized installation.

We can also assist with any existing data center spaces that need to be upgraded and re-organized. We can evaluate your existing space and equipment to determine recommendations on what modifications can be installed to optimize and organize your space and equipment.

Spaces we design include:

  • Co-location
  • Computer rooms
  • Data center
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Server rooms

Data Center solutions we provide include: