What is a Auditorium?

The goal of an auditorium is to provide a space where the audience can both see and hear. When the audio-visual technology is properly installed, it guarantees that every spectator has an equally exceptional experience with unobstructed views, top-notch display quality, and clear sound in an acoustically optimized space.

Additionally, the auditorium should cater to the specific requirements of any audience member, including those with hearing or vision impairments, as well as translation services.

Build High end Auditorium to Convey Your Message

An auditorium is designed to provide the audience with a remarkable and unforgettable experience. We at BCS, a leading AV systems integrator, understands the importance of this and enables you to offer your audience a top-quality, immersive multimedia experience that surpasses the ordinary.

We are committed to helping you convey clear messages to your entire audience using advanced audio-visual technology. We deploy state-of-the-art audio-visual and collaboration technologies that cater to the requirements of presenters, technical managers, and the audience. By partnering with BCS, you can install cutting-edge technology in your auditorium that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.


We design Auditorium experiences
to include:

  • Rich Audio-Visual experience
  • Multiple audience engagement opportunities
  • Multiple recording options
  • Live Streaming capabilities
  • Automated Lighting configurations
  • Real-time remote monitoring and remote management


Auditorium solution for each space

Auditoriums are no longer just for concerts and plays; they are becoming multi-purpose spaces that host various events, including meetings and seminars. For effective communication, state-of-the-art AV technology is essential. BCS offers a solution for modern auditoriums with the latest audio-visual technologies.


Our design consultants ensure that the auditorium’s requirements, including projection display, sound reinforcement, acoustic treatment, lighting, and peripheral connectivity, are well-understood to meet all stakeholders’ expectations. We provide project management services to ensure the project is implemented on time with best-in-class workmanship. Our auditorium solutions cater to different types of auditoriums, providing bespoke solutions for each one. Trust BCS to provide a high-quality and impactful AV experience for your auditorium.


Auditorium AV Should Never Compromise
The Attendee Experience

Leading Technologies in Auditorium AV Design

Elevate your auditorium experience with cutting-edge technology solutions from BCS. In today’s world of remote learning and hybrid work, advanced technology has become crucial for effective communication. Whether it’s a live concert or an all-hands meeting, your audience should be captivated from the front row to the back with top-notch audio, video, and lighting systems. BCS offers a comprehensive range of AV solutions for modern auditoriums, ensuring clear communication and engaging multimedia experiences for all attendees. With our expertise in AV design and project management, we deliver top-quality installations on time and on budget.

Technology in Auditorium


Video Conference


PTZ Camera


Multiple Video Display


Wireless and Wired Presentation


Central Control System






Internet Connection & Wi-Fi

Why Choose BCS

Partnered with top brand

Our USP lies in our ability to partner with top brands, giving our customers access to high-quality auditorium …Read More

Virtual collaboration technology

a virtual platform can complete an auditorium. It can create an interactive environment, which can provide …Read More

US based support

BCS provides your team with world-class design, integration, maintenance, and support services that help maximize ROI.

Crystal clear sound

Optimized auditorium sound system design ensures high audibility in any corner of the auditorium.

Broadcast ready

Organizers can broadcast important events to stakeholders located anywhere in the world for considerable cost savings.

Immersive display

An immersive visual experience is the result of the use of the latest large screen display technologies — for high-contrast, high resolution images and video.

Choose Your Product



LG Digital Signage offers the ideal solution for various educational environments. LG’s product line-up is optimized for large space or auditorium.

Logitech delivers premium optics and life-like video to create the experience of sitting together in the same room, even if you are a thousand miles away.

LG’s commercial display for auditoriums provides an immersive viewing experience for large audiences. These displays featured with high-resolution screens, advanced image processing technology, and a range of connectivity options. LG’s commercial displays are the perfect choice for any auditorium.


75 Ultra HD Interactive Digital Board


98 UHD IPS Digital Signage


98 UM3F UHD LED Black


98 UM3F UHD LED Black


43 UH5F - B Series Slim Indoor Digital Display