Access Control

Easily manage employee traffic, restrict access to sensitive areas, and prevent intruder entry

An access control system restricts unauthorized individuals from entering important rooms within your building. Instead of having a traditional pin/number pad outside restricted areas, modern access control technology utilizes different number keys for each staff. This means individual employees can be limited right down to dates and times that they can access the building, or rooms within your building.

Administrators can easily add or remove specific employee access based on staffing or scheduling changes.

Regardless of whether you have a small office building or large facility with several restricted spaces, implementing access control is an easy way to prevent unauthorized access.

The benefits of BCS’ Access Control solution are clear:

  • Get detailed logs of when and who accessed certain areas of the building or office
  • Limit individual employees from entering restricted spaces
  • Reduce theft and accidents exponentially
  • Restrict or grant access to multiple areas of your business at anytime


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