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Data cabling in most business environments is considered to be the literal communications backbone, providing connectivity for voice/phones, data/computers/networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, security equipment, paging systems, and beyond. BCS can provide copper and fiber optic connectivity for voice/phones, data/computers/networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, security equipment, paging systems, and more, highlighting the importance of data cabling services in creating an integrated and efficient communication infrastructure.

As data cabling contractors, BCS ensures that cabling serves a wide array of purposes, underpinning the essential operations of a business. Whether it's for small setups or large enterprises, the provision of data cabling solutions facilitates the seamless operation of all technological components, from basic internet connectivity to complex security systems.

Panduit, a leading manufacturer in this field, specializes in structured data cabling, grounding, fiber optics, racks and cabinets, and structured cabling accessories. Panduit’s dedication to producing quality telecommunications products at varying price levels allows customers of all sizes to take advantage of their robust product line. Their innovative solutions and products ensure that, with every deployment, customers are receiving quality data cabling solutions regardless of the environment. This commitment makes them a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable data cabling services to support their communications infrastructure.

Data cabling services include:

  • Category 5e, 6, 6a, coax (TV), speaker cable, outside plant
  • Providing the type of data cable needed for specific purposes or solutions, depending on the present and projected technical requirement.

  • Plenum, non-plenum, and PVC
  • Electrical cabling solutions depending on physical infrastructure requirements and chemical makeup desired.

  • Backbone cabling (including feed-pair cables and demarc extensions)
  • Connection of cable structures between facilities and rooms, providing the needed cable framework for your business.

  • Riser cable and conduit installation for high-rise buildings
  • Cabling that rises between floors as part of the backbone of your data cabling infrastructure and its design.

  • Extended manufacturer warranties available
  • Office data cabling installations from quality manufacturers come with a warranty against product defects.

  • Cable certifications
  • Ensuring the data cabling installed goes in accordance with product specifications and due requirements.

  • Manufacturer certified technicians
  • We work with professionals with special training and certification from cable manufacturers to ensure the quality of work and keen technical insight.



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