Video Conferencing Solutions

Connect remote users and collaborate with ease

BCS’ video conferencing systems integrate video and voice to bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings. These conferences require very little equipment; just a computer, webcam, microphone, and internet connection.

BCS can customize powerful, high-definition visual communication solutions for conference rooms, lecture halls, immersive environments, huddle rooms, and small gathering spaces through strategic and cost-effective partnerships with key manufacturers.

Video conferencing helps businesses increase efficiency through faster communication channels and decision making, while simultaneously reducing travel costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations world-wide to cut-off all business travel. This greatly impacted how employees are able to host or attend meetings. Never before has videoconferencing with high quality audio and video capture, along with the best collaboration tools, been more important!

In addition to conference rooms and meeting spaces, BCS can equip private offices and home offices with superior products that will ensure your videoconference virtual meetings are conducted seamlessly.

The benefits of BCS’ Video Conferencing systems are clear:

  • High-definition video conferencing solutions for meetings and lectures
  • Tabletop conferencing systems that work with Teams and Zoom software
  • Lower travel expense and operating costs
  • Faster decision-making and real-time collaboration
  • Superior audio sound and 4K video quality solutions for home offices

Additional Video Conferencing System features and services:


Video Conferencing Hardware

When it comes to choosing video conferencing systems equipment, not all rooms are created equal. Depending on room size, camera image quality, and video display image resolution, the right video conferencing hardware can be difficult to choose.

With BCS’s Design team, we can choose the best equipment to fit your needs based and these criteria. High-resolution webcams can be suitable for small huddle or conference rooms, while large executive style conference rooms may require something more robust with more features and suited for larger spaces.

We also offer a wide assortment of commercial television/monitor sizes that can be high-definition and up to 4k resolution and sized to perfectly your meeting room size.


HD Video Conferencing Systems

Just like your business, your operations and meeting needs vary from what another company may require. Video conferencing solutions work with your conferencing camera and television/monitor and provide the connecting point between your meeting participants.

These video conferencing solutions are fully scalable and are available based on your needs and size and can range from just a handful of conferencing hosts at your office all the way up to enterprise level deployment.

Video conferencing systems are expandable to support hundreds of participants which can be used for large-scale webinars or meetings and optional cloud storage is also available to store recordings and meeting content.



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