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Workspaces now commonly have open-plan offices or offices with short partitioning walls, permitting light and visibility from one end to the other. Unfortunately, it causes lots of distractions to occupants. The distractions reduce the productivity and privacy of employees, especially in an office where employees serve customers over the phone or hold face-to-face meetings.

Sound masking helps reduce this interference by producing a natural sound layer with the same frequency as speech, which absorbs noise and releases a relaxing, soothing sound that is uniform. Sound masking creates a more relaxed natural environment that eliminates the high levels of environmental noise level to increase employee concentration, privacy, and intelligibility in conversation. As a result, a business can achieve an increase in employee productivity.

Manufacturers of sound masking systems often add more functionalities to the system to make it more adaptive to office needs, such as emergency communication and mass notification for evacuation, music and paging. Sound masking systems can also be adjusted per the noise level. BCS offers sound masking systems from different manufacturers to give you a choice that will best suit your needs.


Sound Masking Equipment:

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Cambridge Sound Management (Biamp)

Biamp prides itself with over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Audio-Visual systems, which has made it exceptionally good at what they do. Cambridge Sound Management is the world leader in sound masking. Their sound masking system features their Tesira device, which has digital signal processing capabilities that allow for automation of the sound levels. They offer a wide array of white sounds or natural sounds which clients can choose based on the working environment. The sound masking system comes with music and paging capabilities and an option to integrate a VoIP system, making it very comprehensive. Cambridge Sound Management can meet any architectural or acoustical challenge with the industry’s most advanced and diverse product portfolio.



The Lencore sound masking system is adaptive to different office sizes and has options ranging from one channel for small offices to eight channels for large offices. Lencore speakers feature noise detectors to adjust the volume to match the noise levels automatically. Lencore has a unique sound, the green sound, which features a natural environment in different natural settings. The electronic generation of this sound ensures that the voice is uniform all the time, which creates a uniform mood. Lencore sound masking system also features conferencing and paging capabilities. If emergency evacuation notification is something you need, Lencore’s i.Net offers a solution that meets the UL 2572 standard to interface with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), in order to shutdown or mute the sound masking, in the event of a fire emergency. i.Net is designed to promote collaboration and encourage creativity while delivering acoustical comfort and emergency communication solutions.


MPS (Making Privacy Simple, formerly Speech Privacy Systems)

VoiceArrest has many features available in other systems including, automatic adjustment to noise level, paging, and conferencing capabilities. Their sound mimics the sound of an HVAC system, but is much less noticeable. As the only system on the market that automatically adapts to the changing privacy needs of your workspace and produces full-spectrum sound through music-grade speakers, no other system can match its blend of targeted privacy and sound quality. The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System can also easily upgrade to add music to your environment using the same speakers that deploy the sound masking. VoiceArrest, unlike the other two, installs speakers designed to be on desks, ceilings, or walls, which makes it an excellent alternative in offices that do not have a ceiling.


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