Wireless Network Solutions: Keep Your Business Connected

Enhance network coverage, enjoy faster connection speed, and eliminate on-site controller hardware

A robust control plane is crucial for allowing a connection of wireless access points to work together as a single network. As part of our wireless network solutions, instead of a traditional wireless controller that is a separate piece of hardware that resides at your office, BCS’ wireless controller resides in the cloud which provides you better security, fewer pieces of equipment to purchase, less maintenance, and greater user capacity.

Of course, planning a new wireless infrastructure or determining existing coverage can be cumbersome and confusing. At BCS, we have the software, tools, and resources available to help take the guesswork out of planning. Our wireless network solutions and assessments can provide a thorough report to show existing wireless coverage and any dark areas that may have little-to-no wireless coverage which can help plan accurate additions. BCS’ predictive surveys can also evaluate new areas and environments with no existing wireless coverage and create a detailed floor plan to show recommended wireless hardware placement and anticipated coverage. These reports and assessments can ensure that your company is getting optimal coverage without overspending or over-planning.

BCS can handle all of your wireless needs, including wireless controller configuration, deployment, and maintenance, eliminating hassles so you provide a secure and reliable connection for you, your staff, and guests.

The benefits of BCS’ Wireless solutions are clear:

  • Better network uptime of up to 99.999%
  • Greater user capacity and faster connection
  • Finer security with automatic firmware updates and expert maintenance
  • More network coverage through effective cloud networking
  • Higher network control with a centralized management system

Wireless Network Solutions and Services:

  • Wireless surveys
  • Wireless design solutions
  • Wireless coverage assessments

Wireless Site Surveys to Improve Your Business’ Wireless Coverage


Predictive Surveys

Our wireless predictive survey tools and software allow our engineers to compile a detailed report for each environment which incorporates physical building layout, floor space, physical barriers (such as walls, or heavy equipment), and coverage areas. These predictive tools let BCS customize a wireless design to provide you coverage where you need it most. Instead of purchasing extra pieces of hardware and licenses for wireless access point coverage that you may not need, our survey can tell you where to have equipment placed that will optimize coverage; saving you money while providing full coverage where needed.

Spectrum Analysis Surveys

Inside busy companies, it’s common to see extensive network usage. In a facility that has numerous wireless and networking pieces of equipment already deployed, often times it can take hours or days to correctly identify and troubleshoot a wireless issue. BCS’ spectrum analysis tools and software gather pieces of information from a customer’s existing network and wireless infrastructure to help pin-point where issues may be arising. This report includes: identifying equipment that is interfering with signals and impacting wireless coverage, networking bandwidth bottlenecks, device limitations, and much more.



Root Cause Analysis

Mist’s wireless network solution will give you Wi-Fi that is predictable, reliable and cost effective. Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems using Mist’s Proactive Analytics Correlation Engine (PACE). PACE collects information from all Wi-Fi mobile devices and correlates events for quick root cause identification. It can also identify if an issue is not a wireless issue at all.