Solutions for the unique needs of cities, states, federal agencies, and military branches.

Infrastructure Solutions For Government IT Infrastructure Services

BCS Consultants specialize in robust IT infrastructure solutions, vital for the secure and dependable networks that federal agencies and military divisions depend on. These systems are essential not just for service delivery but also for safeguarding national security. We ensure network reliability and optimal infrastructure tailored to the demands of mission-critical government operations.


Government Grade Physical Security and Surveillance Solutions

BCS Consultant uses only Government Grade Cameras, and Cloud Services.


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Solutions Overview

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Benefits of Surveillance in Towns & Cities

Improve Citizen Safety

Deploying security cameras across towns and cities is an effective way to deter vandalism, crime, and threats in high traffic areas or at large organized events.

By expanding coverage to monitor areas like town halls, libraries, and community centers, protect assets and keep critical civic infrastructure operating securely.

With overall improvements in surveillance monitoring, increase the confidence citizens have in the safety and security of public environments.

Build Public Safety Strategies

Beyond developing a better sense of what’s happening in your city day-to-day, effective public safety strategies require preparation for unexpected events.

Utilizing footage of public areas can help cities strategically partner with private citizens and business owners in building response plans to emergency situations.

With effective surveillance technology, gather valuable insights that drive protocols that improve civilian safety.

Effective Incident Resolution

When it comes to maintaining the safety of towns and cities, having secure access to video footage of public areas is critical.

With streamlined visibilty, security and law enforcement can quickly gather visual evidence that help them determine how to appropriately respond to incidents.

Additionally, BCS Consultant makes it simple to proactively deter threats before they occur. By customizing alerts to trigger in the event of unusual activities, gain valuable insights without having to actively monitor the system.

Government Technology Solutions for your Agency


Create connected communities for your
constituents and employees

What once required days or hours can now be accomplished in minutes with video. Empower citizens to participate on their own schedule by virtualizing workshops, public hearings, live streaming council meetings, and Q&A sessions. This approach enhances understanding of policies and regulations for a wider audience and makes face-to-face meetings more accessible for constituents with disabilities.


Video Collaboration solutions to keep
Government agencies running smoothly.

Unexpected disruptions are unavoidable, but inconsistency doesn’t have to be. Maintain connectivity and swiftly respond to emergencies with video collaboration. Easily link up with local or regional resources and access global experts to mitigate financial setbacks. Enhance clarity with face-to-face interactions, minimizing the misunderstandings that come with email communication.


Hire and Maintain Government talent by
powering hybrid work

As the work culture continues to evolve, governments have the opportunity to enhance employee retention and foster community connections through hybrid work models. By utilizing a unified platform, positive experiences and efficient constituent services can be delivered seamlessly, regardless of employees' locations.


Modernized government IT. Elevated resident

Advance your modernization efforts by leveraging technology to build interconnected communities for your constituents and employees.

Systems and spaces we design and build include:

  • Audiovisual systems control and integration
  • Boardrooms
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Digital signage
  • Lobbies and corridors
  • Mass communication
  • Paging
  • Room automation
  • Room scheduling
  • Server rooms
  • Sound masking
  • Thermal camera temperature detection
  • Training facilities
  • Unified communications integration
  • Video conferencing
  • Video wall
  • Voice and data cabling