What is a Boardroom?

A boardroom is a space designated for a group of individuals, typically elected by shareholders, to hold meetings and manage company affairs. It is a vital area where key decisions regarding the governance and performance of the organization are made. Participants in the boardroom must have clear sight, sound, and communication, regardless of their seating position, to ensure effective collaboration and decision-making.

Build High Scalable Proactive Boardrooms!

Transform your boardroom into a dynamic and collaborative space with Business Communication Solutions’ tailor-made solutions. Our 22+ years of experience enable us to deliver boardrooms of any size, customized to meet your specific requirements. Our boardroom solutions are inclined toward productivity and uphold the mission, vision, and culture of your company, ensuring business continuity, lower operational costs, and increased efficiency. Let us help you create a boardroom that elevates your organization’s communication and collaboration capabilities.

  • High-Definition Video Wall System for presentations
  • Comfortable Chairs with adjustable height, backrest, and armrests
  • Interactive Display to enable annotation functions
  • High-Definition Projection System for crystal clear images
  • Sound Reinforcement for amplification of speech
  • Microphones to ensure clarity in Speech
  • Presentation Switcher for ease of connectivity
  • Intelligent Lighting Control


Boost Collaboration in the Boardroom

At BCS, we recognize that major decisions are made in board meetings that can impact not only the company’s employees and shareholders, but potentially the wider economy. Therefore, our boardrooms are designed with a special focus on technology and ergonomics, ensuring that your meetings are effective, efficient, and comfortable.

Successful meetings require effective communication and collaboration. That’s why at BCS, we offer exceptional meeting room solutions designed to enhance productivity and collaboration in boardroom meetings.

Whether you require simple projection and screen requirements for customized board rooms or more complex audio and video signal switching for larger boardrooms with automation of lighting and audiovisual systems, we have the expertise to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our boardroom solutions and discover how we can help you boost collaboration in the boardroom, improve productivity and drive success in your business.


  • Project Consultancy & Design
  • Project Integration & Implementation
  • Technology & Application Training
  • Project Support & Maintenance


Logitech Scribe Whiteboard

Logitech Scribe Whiteboard is an innovative digital whiteboard that combines advanced technology with sleek design, providing a seamless and immersive collaboration experience. Equipped with AI-powered features and wireless connectivity, this device allows users to capture and share ideas in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in a meeting room, or remote location, Scribe Whiteboard provides a high-quality and user-friendly platform for effective communication and collaboration for boardrooms.

  • Wall Mounting
  • Camera for Microsoft Teams
  • Camera for Zoom Rooms
  • Custom lens
  • Outstanding clarity


Sight Tabletop Camera

Sight Tabletop Camera is a powerful and versatile camera that offers high-quality imaging and video capabilities for a wide range of applications. Designed for use on a table or desk, this camera is ideal for video conferencing, live streaming, and other similar activities that require clear and reliable visuals. With its adjustable stand, easy-to-use software, and plug-and-play functionality, the Sight Tabletop Camera is a convenient and practical solution for boardrooms that need a top-quality camera for their board members.

  • Audio Pickup
  • Video Capture
  • Smart Switching


Logitech Tap Touch Controller

Logitech Tap Touch Controller is a versatile and user-friendly device that allows users to control their technology with easy and intuitive gestures. Designed for use in board rooms and other collaborative spaces, it offers a range of features, such as one-touch video conferencing, digital signage, and board room automation, that streamline communication and boost productivity. With its customizable settings, compatibility with multiple platforms, and easy-to-install design, the Logitech Tap Touch Controller is a reliable and convenient solution for modern workspaces.

  • One-touch video conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Room automation


Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar is a powerful and versatile video conferencing system that delivers high-quality audio and video capabilities for boardrooms. Equipped with advanced technologies, such as AI-powered optics, beamforming microphones, and noise cancellation, it provides a seamless and immersive communication experience. With its sleek and modern design, flexible mounting options, and easy-to-use software, the Logitech Rally Bar is an ideal solution for boardrooms in need of a top-quality video conferencing system.

  • AI Sound Optimization
  • Adaptive Beamforming


Barco - ClickShare CX-50

Barco ClickShare CX50 is a cutting-edge wireless presentation system that simplifies and enhances communication in boardrooms and other meeting spaces. With its easy-to-use and intuitive features, it allows users to share content from any device, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, on a central screen without the need for cables or software installations. With its secure and reliable wireless connectivity, high-quality video and audio performance, and compatibility with multiple platforms, the Barco ClickShare CX50 is a practical and efficient solution for modern boardrooms.

  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration with Button or Desktop App
  • Works with your device, conferencing platform & a wide range of AV solutions
  • Advanced network and AV integration
  • Enhanced security, connected and cloud managed
  • Full interactivity
  • HDMI input cable




Shure Microflex Ecosystem

Shure Microflex Ecosystem is a comprehensive audio solution that offers high-quality sound and versatile control options for boardrooms and other meeting spaces. Designed to meet the needs of modern communication, this system includes a range of products, such as ceiling and table microphones, digital signal processors, and networked audio interfaces, that provide clear and reliable audio performance. With its intuitive and flexible software, compatibility with multiple platforms, and customizable settings, the Shure Microflex Ecosystem is a reliable and convenient solution for anyone in need of top-quality audio for their boardroom.


  • 1 - MXA310 Table Array Microphone
  • 1 - IntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software
  • 1 - MXN5W-C Networked Ceiling Loudspeaker


Microflex® Wireless

IntelliMix P300

Audio Conferencing Processor

Crestron Flex Tabletop

The Crestron Flex Tab is a versatile solution designed for boardrooms that need a compact, all-in-one device. It features a 10.1-inch touch screen with high-definition video and integrated speakers, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. With the ability to connect to multiple devices and platforms, the Tab is perfect for video conferencing, presentations, and collaborative discussions. Its sleek design and easy-to-use interface make it an ideal choice for any boardroom setting.

  • Intuitive User Interface with Impressive Audio
  • High-Definition Video Conferencing
  • Voice Calling & Audio Conferencing
  • BYOD Multimedia Presentation
  • Video conferencing & Web Collaboration
  • HDMI over CATx Receiver