Protect your employees with paging and emergency systems

BCS designs emergency paging systems and mass communication solutions that allow users to make single or group calls during an emergency. You and your team will be safe and well-informed with instant communication to every corner of your organization, complete with emergency notification through speakers, horns, visual signs, and desktop/mobile pop-ups.

Installation is quick and cost-effective, and voice and visual alerts are precise, instant, and impossible to miss. All of this ensures effective messaging and instruction to keep everyone safe during emergency situations. Common applications include campus address systems, hospital emergency paging systems, and commercial public address systems.

Paging manufacturer, Valcom, offers an Area of Refuge line of products designed for public area use in case of an emergency. Directional signage and two-way communication configured to contact local emergency service departments at the push of a button guides patrons to safety locations and keeps communication pathways open when it’s the most critical.

Additionally, emergency contact intercoms can be installed in large parking lots for increased safety and overhead emergency paging systems can be designed to have multiple emergency alerts play overhead to indicate different emergency situations. Whether it be a school hospital, warehouse, or office building, safety alert systems can be a life-saver in any environment.

The benefits of BCS’ Emergency Paging Systems are clear:

  • Instant emergency alerts throughout your facility regardless of size
  • Easy-to-issue and secure notifications from a single user console
  • Enhanced safety with alert messaging and a panic button
  • Indoor and outdoor speakers for complete coverage
  • Flexibility with single and group call


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