On-Premise Surveillance

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>A Digital Video Recorder or DVR surveillance system is unlike an analog surveillance system. A cost-effective and reliable surveillance camera system, DVRs digitally record and store high-quality video footage with very low maintenance. A DVR surveillance system is made up of a set of closed-circuit cameras that are linked to the computer or DVR device with digital recording capabilities.

Different types of security cameras are designed to support different applications. As such, at BCS we take a lot of care in applying cameras based on your surveillance needs to connect them on a specialized DVR machine, the heart of your DVR surveillance system, where the videos captured by your cameras to be stored and managed. The DVR machine allows you to independently configure each camera as needed.

Unlike movies where the security officer dozes off and lets the intruders sneak through, BCS's DVR surveillance systems never take a snooze. They work  24/7 to capture any intrusion into your space. A professionally installed surveillance system can monitor and record every corner of your property to ensure its protection.

The cameras can be linked back to the DVR machine via cables or remotely, which can come with variable configurations for and each camera, attaching them their own channels through CCTV cables. These cables connect the cameras to the DVR machine as well as the power supply. At BCS we have specialists who can devise and execute a CCTV system blueprint that covers your assets efficiently and avoids blindspots.

The benefits of DVR video surveillance systems are evident:

  • High-resolution capabilities.
  • Equipped with high definition (HD) cameras that can record videos in 720p.
  • Video captures apt for facial recognition, object, and license plate identification.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Can be integrated with a mobile device or laptop to enable remote monitoring.


DVR video system integration assistance

DVR video system integration refers to the creation of systems that incorporate multiple third-party products for Access Control to regulate transit and security across facilities. This makes updating, monitoring, and responding to the output of the surveillance system much easier.

Some of the functions you can integrate with your surveillance system include automatic number plate recognition, HR functions like check-in and check-out systems, controlling access to assets and crucial areas, directory system tracking, and door monitoring.

Investing in a digital video recording (DVR) surveillance system can be a prudent decision for your business. Besides protecting your investment from thefts, low productivity, and unfair lawsuits, a surveillance system can also improve your employees’ and business’ overall safety. BCS Consultants is in business to help you protect your investment and employees at a price you can afford. Contact us today to discuss your DVR surveillance system needs.


Axis Premise-Based Cameras

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