Cloud-based Alarm Systems

Secure your sites with cloud–managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring

Built on Verkada’s Command platform, Alarms provides organizations with tools to detect and respond to threats across their physical spaces.

This cloud-based alarm system leverages data captured across Verkada devices including cameras, doors, environmental sensors, and intrusion sensors to identify important events and provide visibility as incidents unfold.

Included with Alarms is 24/7 professional monitoring with optional video verification and emergency dispatch capabilities. While your site is armed, trained operators at UL-Listed central stations are standing by to assess and help respond to incidents. Organizations have the ability to provide operators with controlled access to event-based video feeds to reduce false alarms and provide essential context during emergencies. This feature underscores the effectiveness of a cloud-based alarm system in enhancing security response.

Alarms can be managed from anywhere with Verkada’s Command platform and Verkada Alarms mobile app. Additionally, organizations can deploy Verkada’s Alarm Console for onsite arming/disarming with an integrated camera and talk-down functionality. The Verkada Alarm Console is a key component of this comprehensive security system, offering user-friendly access and control to ensure the safety and security of physical spaces.

Key features

  • Intrusion detection that utilizes Verkada cameras, doors and sensors.
  • Built–in 24/7 professional monitoring provided by trained operators.
  • Cloud–managed with. Easy configuration
  • Alarm Console with keypad,integrated camera, and talk–down.
  • Actionable Insights in Real Time.
  • Automatic Updates for Added Benefits.



Verkada Alarm Console

Built around the powerful 10.2” iPad, the Verkada Alarm Console brings functionality beyond arming and disarming sites. From the tablet, users can view live feeds of cameras, see recent events, check status of all devices, and even access a panic button in case of emergencies.


Verkada Guest

Welcome guests with our visitor management system that integrates seamlessly with video security and access control.

Incorporate visitor management into your physical security measures - all within a single pane of glass.