Monitor more than just security with Meraki cloud‑first smart cameras.

Why Meraki?

Accelerate the delivery of new applications by leveraging an extensive ecosystem to solve business challenges faster

Embrace new technologies and support growth and change at scale without adding complications

Stay ahead of customer needs by offering new and timely services without creating more work for your team

Protect sensitive data from emerging online threats as reliance on collaboration and communication tools increases

Meraki enables businesses of all sizes to thrive with a cloud-based network platform that allows you to:

  • Deploy faster
  • Manage anywhere
  • Scale reliably
  • Secure predictably


Deliver best-in-class network security and experience for any workload, from anywhere. Gain accuracy through a unique design that uses the same protocol for measuring path performance as real traffic.

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Merakicloud-first Wi-Fi. Proactively protect, inspect, and adapt your network with the self-configuring, self-maintaining Meraki platform.

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Switch it up. Optimize workforce operations with Meraki cloud-first switches. Configure thousands of stacked ports simultaneously with zero-touch provisioning.

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Cloud Cameras

Protect what matters through the power of the cloud. Stay ahead by staying on top of your security system with unmatched visibility and control.

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