Thermal Cameras

Help keep your business safe from potential health threats with thermal camera technology

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in all industries have been greatly impacted and are looking for solutions to ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Bi-spectrum thermographic camera systems detect elevated human body temperature in one second with ± 0.3 °C accuracy. With this technology, businesses can efficiently screen up to 30 individuals at once with a safe, non-contact form of temperature measurement.

Visual and audio alarms can be sent in real time for immediate notification if anyone with a temperature outside of the safe range is present. Alarm notifications can be sent to a live screening station or to a remote monitoring center.

Metal detectors with temperature detection cameras provide the extra security that many high traffic and public places require. This solution is the most ideal when safety inspection of dangerous goods is also needed.

While body temperature detecting technology may sound new to most in North America, it has been used in Asian countries for the last five years. The AI technology is so advanced, it can differentiate between human skin surface body temperature and a hot cup of coffee.

Thermographic cameras with body temperature measurement capabilities are used in airports, medical centers, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, schools, stores, train stations, and many other businesses.


The benefits of BCS Thermographic Camera Systems are clear:

  • One second per person for skin-surface temperature measurement
  • Increased safety with non-contact measurement
  • Highly reliable measurements with ± 0.3 °C accuracy
  • Embedded audio alarms are triggered to notify operators immediately when abnormal temperature is detected
  • AI Technology smart detection focuses on human bodies to avoid false alarms from other heat sources
  • Dual function metal and temperature detector doors streamline safety inspections


BCS offers an Efficient and Reliable Solution

A solution that incorporates competent technologies, instead of manpower alone, can be the better choice for many reasons.


Non-contact measurement to avoid
physical contact


One second per person for skin-surface
temperature detection


AI detection, greatly reducing false

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