6 Benefits of Video Wall Services | BCS Blog

6 Benefits of Video Wall Services | BCS Blog

How a video wall system could help your business

Adding a video wall system to an office environment is an excellent tool for employee engagement. Not only are they eye-catching, getting the attention of your employees and visitors, but they can also help motivate teams and promote your products or services and your successes. What's more, their versatility is unmatched, and their scale potential allows them to be present in the largest of venues, even football stadiums! Here are six benefits of video wall services, and how they can potentially illuminate your business even more!

1. High-resolution

A sharp, clear resolution is based on the number of pixels in a type of display. The more pixels that can be displayed, the more dynamic and crisp the image will ultimately be. Video wall services are the cream of the crop when it comes to creating high-definition visuals, as they are capable of showcasing large, intricately detailed images with next to zero loss of detail.

2. Brightness

Many projectors rely on ambient light (or the lack thereof) for the fullest visibility; however, video wall services don't require the same sort of lighting standards. Video wall systems, which are LED and LCD type displays, are lit from the back, which gives them the advantage of having much more versatility when it comes to brightness and contrast standards in your environment. No matter if your venue has ample natural light, or has a muted/dark atmosphere, video walls services will always project as bright as you need them to be!

3. Design options

Lots of video wall systems are just flat and rectangular, but it doesn't need to be that way! Depending on the mounting, a design team can manipulate video wall systems into all kinds of different ways, from three-dimensional images and even curved, organic displays; no other video display technology out there today can compare!

4. Power

Video wall services demand significant processing power, but with that power comes added benefits. These kinds of processers can not only project images on a titanic scale but can also display said images at a much more effortless rate than antiquated projection technology can.

5. Aesthetics

Image quality aside, video display services offer a sleek, futuristic sort of design that really can't be replicated with anything else out there right now. Everything on display can look smooth and almost organic; it's all up to one's ingenuity.

6. Lower maintenance

Most old-school projectors have bulbs that stop functioning after thousands of hours of use. LED video display services can multiply that number in the tens of thousands, and the technology is getting better and better as the years progress. Due to their solid-state electronic systems, video display services seldom require any yearly maintenance.

Are you interested in video wall services or other audiovisual solutions? Be in the driver's seat of your office environment and mobilize your team members accordingly; contact BCS Consultants today!