Smart Scheduling, Smarter Workspaces

Traditional office spaces often faced challenges such as un-utilized meeting rooms, double-booked desks, and an overall lack of visibility into workspace availability. Crestron Desk Scheduling Solutions aims to address these issues by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing office spaces effectively.

Crestron at InfoComm 2023: Shaping a Smarter Future

During InfoComm 2023, Crestron once again demonstrated their unrivaled expertise by introducing an array of groundbreaking products and solutions that are shaping the future of automation. From state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies to seamless integration with smart devices, Crestron continues to redefine industries such as corporate environments, hospitality, education, healthcare, and more.

Smart Meetings, Smarter Prices: Crestron

In an era where time is as valuable as the technology that manages it, Crestron is leading the charge to revolutionize workspace efficiency. With an immediate and enticing price reduction on their renowned TSS 7” and 10” scheduling panels and accessories, Crestron is making advanced room scheduling more accessible than ever.