The convenience of dual monitors

Some things come in pairs, including glasses, shoes, and, for busy office workers, computer monitors. Using two monitors at once may seem unconventional for some, but doing so has a lot of advantages. If you’re hesitant about your employees using two monitors simultaneously, perhaps these benefits will change your mind.

Have your staff work from home with the proper gear

One of the major hurdles of shifting to a work-from-home setup is that the hardware your employees have at home can be very different from what they’re used to at the office. More than their computers and smartphones, these are the things your staff will need to set up their own home office.

Why You Should Choose Crestron Touch Screens Over Consumer Tablets for Room Scheduling

Walking around your company looking for a place to have a meeting, especially if you have your prospective client in tow, would not give them a perfect first impression, would it?

We all know scheduling conference rooms can be a headache. Fortunately, there is an efficient way to do it.

7 Audiovisual Components You Should Have in Your Conference Room

How To Equip Your Conference Room For Optimal Use

To be effective, a conference room must have the necessary audiovisual components. A properly equipped room is the key to having a successful meeting. When the right tools are used, meetings and conferences are much more productive than they would otherwise be.

What is a Wireless Access Point and Wireless Repeater?

Learn four critical differences between wireless access points and repeaters

Wireless technology has significantly improved in the past few years. Nonetheless, no one wireless solution fits all people, especially in regards to business. While large offices have heavy traffic and often use a wireless access point, small businesses that have limited users may prefer using wireless extenders or repeaters.

What Is a Wireless Access Point System and Why Is It Essential for Your Business?

The state of your WiFi is a significant influence on the state of your business
Regardless of the sector that your company operates within, it is highly likely that you require robust and consistent internet services that allow employees to complete their work efficiently.

3 Benefits of WiFi Site Surveys for your Business

We are living in a wireless world, and we have to play by the wireless rules.
Every day the traffic of mobile devices grows, and by next year the vast majority of IP traffic is going to be transmitted by WiFi. This can be bad news for businesses that don't invest in their systems to ensure their coverage, bandwidth, and security.

5 Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems in Your Business

There's a lot of good coming to your business when you decide to fix your cabling infrastructure

With more and more electronic devices being designed to use wireless network connectivity, there is a need to evaluate the benefits of structured cabling systems before setting up a new system in your office.

PC makers struggle to meet demand

Top PC makers are becoming more concerned as Intel CPU shortages continue to persist. According to several reports, Intel has struggled to keep up with the rising demand for high-performance computer chips, which will affect millions of businesses. Here’s a quick rundown on the Intel PC shortage. Reasons for the shortage There are many contributors […]

Decrease printing costs in 5 easy ways

You may think that your printing infrastructure is only a minimal company expense. But if it is not managed well, you may end up with a bloated IT budget that mostly comprises of hardware and supplies purchases and equipment maintenance costs. Your business can save money and time by following these 5 tips. Replace outdated […]