Benefits of Crestron tabletop conferencing systems

Benefits of Crestron tabletop conferencing systems

The Crestron tabletop conferencing system is perfect for freshly renovated or designated compact workstations. It is a sleek and portable design that is easy to use, install, and administer desktop conference and communication systems from Crestron. It also features audio and video conferencing solutions making it perfect for freshly remodeled or designated tiny workstations in commercial and home offices. The Crestron tabletop video conferencing enterprise solution is fully compatible with Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams software. 

Ever since the pandemic, the entire concept of work has been redefined. It has evolved and adapted and made working from anywhere normal and convenient, and these enterprise solutions have significantly aided in the transformation.

Workers returning to offices are redefining communication and discovering new methods to engage with customers, partners, and colleagues, whether in the office next door or far away. Access to collaboration software and video conferencing solutions is the new office bonus as employers look for methods to promote engagement and improve productivity.

This tabletop conferencing system has taken video conferencing to another level; say bye to pixels and embrace high-quality audio and video conferencing enterprise solutions that effectively link the workplace and home.

Crestron tabletop conferencing system provides video conferences, phone conversations, and team meetings wherever work is done. Crestron is working aggressively to develop products to address issues like overrun migrant devices and many more. 

The Crestron tabletop conferencing system features:

  •       native integration with Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams
  •       a straightforward, constant consumer experience with one-touch meeting participation
  •       7 inches touchpad
  •       10-foot/three-meter microphone pick-up range
  •       Remotely control, manage, and provision
  •       network security fit for businesses
  •       HD camera with a 150° diagonal visual field at ultra-wide angles

Crestron offers a selection of enterprise-grade UC solutions for the changing work-from-anywhere market and is an authorized vendor of both Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

BCS Consultants is a minority and women-owned licensed solutions company that supplies quality solutions to private companies and home offices to ensure that your video conferences go off without a hitch.

In addition, we can equip you with the right technology and equipment for your specific needs, including camera image quality, indoor space, and visual display resolution. Get in touch with the BCS team, who can assist in providing you with the best video conferencing solutions for your work needs.