Best Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Businesses

Best Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Businesses

Video conferencing equipment for small businesses has become an essential communication tool in recent years. With remote work on the rise, investing in reliable and efficient video conferencing solutions allows small teams to collaborate face-to-face without the time and expense of travel.  It improves productivity, helps build relationships with clients, and enables small businesses to compete with larger companies.

At BCS Consultants, we know first-hand how much of a game-changer having the right video conferencing setup can be for small business teams. But choosing equipment tailored to your unique needs and budget constraints can be daunting. We specialize in providing top-notch video conference service in Irvine, California, ensuring that your business has the perfect setup to stay connected and collaborate effectively.

In this article, we’ll walk through what capabilities really matter for lean and distributed small businesses based on our own real-world experiences. Read on for an overview of the types of video conferencing equipment available for small business, top product recommendations across categories, and key factors to consider when selecting solutions suited for your small business environment.

Criteria for Selecting Video Conferencing Equipment

When evaluating options, focus first on video conferencing equipment that aligns with small business realities:

  • Budget: Small businesses prioritize cost-effective solutions. We understand your financial concerns and offer equipment that delivers essential functionality without straining your budget.
  • Ease of Use: We provide user-friendly equipment, minimizing training time. Intuitive interfaces make it effortless for your teams to host and join meetings, ensuring that complexity never hinders collaboration.
  • Video/Audio Quality: Our equipment guarantees high-quality video and crystal-clear audio. This ensures that your meetings are effective, with participants communicating clearly.
  • Flexibility/Scalability: Stay adaptable as your business grows. Our solutions allow you to scale easily, preventing the need for frequent replacements as your needs evolve.
  • Remote Management: Manage your equipment remotely with web and app-based solutions. This simplifies support and maintenance without the need for dedicated on-site IT staff.
  • Integration: Our equipment seamlessly integrates with your existing apps and software. Enhance your daily workflow by connecting with the tools your business relies on.
  • Mobility/Portability: For remote and hybrid teams, portability is essential. Our equipment offers the freedom to connect from anywhere, ensuring your teams can collaborate effectively regardless of their location.

Types of Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Business

Here are the main categories of video conference gear well-suited for small business environments:

Webcams -

To enhance visibility and accommodate group calls, webcams with wide-angle lenses are recommended. When considering a webcam for video conferencing, key factors include high-resolution video output (at least 1080p), autofocus capabilities, low-light performance, and noise-canceling microphones to ensure an effective and engaging virtual communication experience. 

Logitech C920

Simple HD USB cameras like the Logitech C920 or Microsoft LifeCam Studio provide quality basic video for one-on-one calls. Wide-angle lenses increase visibility.

Video Software - 

When considering video conferencing software, several key features are essential. These include high-definition video and audio quality, screen sharing capabilities, reliable connectivity, and compatibility with various devices and operating systems.

Microsoft Teams

Additionally, robust security measures to protect sensitive data, a user-friendly interface for seamless communication, and integrations with other business tools like calendars and chat platforms are crucial elements for effective video conferencing software. Leading options like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and Skype power video collaboration across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Speakerphones -

In the realm of video conferencing, speakerphones play a crucial role in ensuring clear, crisp audio. When selecting speakerphones for video conferencing, it's vital to consider features such as echo cancellation, noise reduction, and omnidirectional microphones. These elements enhance sound quality and eliminate distractions, providing an optimal communication experience for remote teams.

Poly Sync

Jabra Speak series and Poly Sync speakerphones optimize audio pickup for small group huddle room meetings.

HD Cameras/Mics - 

High-quality HD cameras and microphones for video conferencing should offer excellent image and audio clarity. Features include autofocus and image stabilization for sharp video, noise-canceling microphones for crystal-clear audio, and low-light adaptability. Easy installation and compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms are essential for seamless virtual meetings.


For larger meetings, external mics and higher quality cameras improve audio and capture more details.

Multi-Camera Systems - 

Multi-camera systems for video conferencing should offer features like seamless switching between cameras, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities for flexible framing, and high-resolution video capture. They should support auto-framing to keep participants in focus, and provide wide-angle shots for group meetings. Compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms is essential for streamlined integration.

Scalable systems like Poly Studio X family cater to larger conference rooms with integrated audio/video and content sharing tools.

Interactive Displays - 

Interactive displays for video conferencing should offer touch-screen capabilities, allowing participants to annotate and collaborate in real-time. High-resolution displays, integrated whiteboards, and easy content sharing are essential. Compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms, multi-device connectivity, and responsive touch technology should be included for a seamless and engaging meeting experience.

video conferencing

Digital whiteboards like the Annoto allow collaborating on shared content while video conferencing.

Top Video Conferencing Equipment Recommendations For Small Business

Webcams: Logitech C920

Priced under $100, the C920 delivers remarkable quality for the money. Features like autofocus and automatic low light correction provide excellent HD video. Dual mics also catch sound clearly.

Logitech C920

  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality
  • Wide-Angle 90-Degree Field of View
  • 264 Video Compression
  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Stereo Audio with Dual Microphones
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Optimized Image Quality
  • Auto Focus
  • Customization and Control
  • Privacy Shutter
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Software: Zoom

The free basic Zoom plan supports unlimited 1-on-1 video calls. Paid options add webinars, meeting transcripts and remote management. User-friendly interface and calendar integration drive employee adoption.


  • High-Quality Video and Audio
  • Screen Sharing and Collaboration
  • Meeting Recording and Transcription
  • Gallery View and Speaker View
  • Security and Privacy Features

Speakerphones: Jabra Speak 510

Its USB and wireless Bluetooth connectivity combined with great portability with 15 hours of battery make the compact Jabra Speak 510 ideal for small meeting spaces. Omni-directional microphone and HD voice quality ensure everyone in the huddle can be clearly understood.

Jabra Speak 510

  • High-Quality Audio
  • Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Portable and Compact Design
  • 360-Degree Microphone
  • Integrated Call Controls

HD Cameras: Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro

With its 360-degree camera and 8 microphone array for 20 foot coverage, the Meeting Owl Pro provides high quality video and audio pickup in mid-sized conference rooms. Smart capabilities like automatic panning, zooming and speaker tracking take the complexity out of setup.

Meeting Owl Pro

  • 360-Degree Panoramic Video
  • Integrated 18-Foot Microphone Array
  • Automatic Speaker Focus
  • High-Quality 1080p Video
  • Smart Meeting Room Analytics

Video Bars: Poly Studio USB

Mounted above displays, the Poly Studio USB Video Bars provide an all-in-one solution for small conference rooms. The wide angle 4K camera, microphone array, and powerful speakers deliver premium quality. Automatic speaker tracking and noise blocking features optimize the experience.

Poly Studio USB Video Bars

  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • Automatic Speaker Tracking
  • Advanced Audio Capabilities
  • Content Sharing and Whiteboarding
  • Integrations and Compatibility

Services: BCS Consultants

BCS offers comprehensive enterprise video conferencing capabilities with a range of hardware products and meeting plans. BCS Consultants offer a wide range of video conferencing solutions for all types of rooms, including boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, training rooms, auditoriums, and experience centers.

BCS Consultants

  • High-Quality Video and Audio
  • Customized Solutions for Various Spaces
  • Remote Meeting Connectivity
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Room Automation and Control

Interactive Displays: Annoto Pen Display

The Annoto easily attaches to existing monitors to transform them into real-time digital whiteboards. Participants can join video calls and collaborate using standard pens and markers. Content is automatically streamed into video calls and saved.

  • Sync Live Pen™ to computer
  • Write and store
  • Data transfer + charge battery
  • Print Anoto Live™ paper
  • Write and transfer data

Headsets: Jabra Evolve2 75

With adjustable noise cancellation, UC optimized connectivity options, and 37 hours of talk time, the lightweight wireless Jabra Evolve2 75 makes it easy to stay focused on video calls from any workspace without interruptions.

Jabra Evolve2 75

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • Dual Connectivity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Microsoft Teams Certification

Consider Room Layout for Video Conferencing

For productive video conferences, small businesses should optimize room layout and equipment placement. Position the camera at eye level and angle it downward slightly to simulate natural eye contact. Frame participants from mid-torso up for an ideal view. Add adequate lighting to prevent shadows or glare. Place microphones near seated areas so all voices are transmitted clearly. Choose a simple background without visual distractions. Allow ample space between seats to minimize disruptive sounds. Test equipment and connections prior to calls. Following basic video conference setup best practices elevates the conferencing experience for small team meetings.

At BCS Consultants, everyday we see how equipping small teams with tailored video conferencing solutions enhances collaboration and connections between remote team members and clients. With options available now across all types of equipment and budgets, small businesses can truly find the right fit. Use this guide to zero in on video conferencing gear that aligns with your company’s size, meeting needs, capabilities and constraints. 

Choose BCS Consultants as your trusted partner in security solutions and elevate your business's security to new heights. Contact us today if you need help selecting and implementing video conferencing tailored for your specific small business environment and goals. Take the first step toward securing a brighter future for your organization. Call us at 949-333-1000.