How to use digital signage in the workplace?

How to use digital signage in the workplace?

The Benefits of Digital Signage in an Office Setting

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has made people cautious of how much interacting they do with others and the need to limit face-to-face interactions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, along with other viruses we deal with every year. With that said, digital signage, also known as digital displays and commercial displays, can be used to share important company messaging without having to speak to employees directly or in a town hall meeting.

Using digital signage to inform employees is much safer than direct one-on-one interaction in instances such as large town hall meetings. Displaying content on a commercial display will spare employees the risk of face-to-face contact with others in an office setting.

Sure, we can receive emails from HR with company-wide messages, but all too often, these emails are overlooked or not read to their entirety. When businesses use digital signage to display important notices or instructions such as reminding people to wash their hands, every time an employee walks past the display, they will see this messaging. This will have a much more long-lasting recall effect compared to one email.

Company messaging on digital signage can be created to include eye-catching graphics, making it much more visually appealing than a wordy email. This will differentiate the level of noticeability and retention within corporate or group emails of especially high importance.

Other Uses for Digital Signage

At BCS, we are using an LG 86” Ultrastretch commercial display for four different and unique purposes: We use it to welcome guests and visitors; share information like the weather forecast; provide instructions for our body temperature screening station; and to visually display the thermal camera infrared imaging provided by our systems as team members walk through our lobby.

The ability to stream the live feed from the thermal cameras to the ultra-stretch display we have in our lobby eliminates the need to install a separate viewing monitor. As soon as someone walks into the lobby, our thermal camera will recognize them and their temperature is displayed on our digital signage.

The videowall in the BCS Consultants office displays visual messages regarding the CDC Guidelines for reopening; analog clocks with the time from multiple time zones; and multiple playlists demonstrating the products and services we provide.

Digital Signage Content Creation

You may be wondering how we create the content for the digital display? Or considering if this is something hard to do? You’ll be pleased to know that cloud-based content creating software like PingHD makes creating and uploading messaging very easy to do. It’s simple to use and can be done by virtually anyone in your office after a quick virtual training session. It’s a lot easier than it looks and the outcome is impressive for both your staff and your guests, not to mention that it successfully draws attention to your content.

Is Digital Signage Right for Your Business?

Companies that utilize the latest technologies are considered to be progressive, ahead of their competitors, and a business that employees can grow their career with. If you want to make sure employees and guests stay informed of your company messaging, you can count on digital signage to get information noticed.

Are you intrigued by the prospect of digital signage for your office? Take the first step and contact BCS Consultants today for a free quote.