How Can Sound Masking Help Your Organization?

How Can Sound Masking Help Your Organization?

From ensuring the confidentiality of information to reducing distractions,  open concept offices need to provide privacy and a focus-friendly environment. Here is why you need a good sound masking solution in your office.

It Can Make Open Offices More Private & Much Less Distracting 

Open-plan offices were ideally paved with good intentions to help employees build camaraderie and collaboration. But they are also full of unsatisfied workers who are unhappy with this new office setting. They are also not getting any positive response from the press either. But have you wondered what makes open offices so increasingly unpopular? Less privacy and a lot of distractions are two common complaints that are generally linked to space acoustics – a critical aspect of employee comfort that’s still downplayed in most office construction projects. 

Sound tends to travel relatively easily through most open-plan offices.  Almost everyone in the room can hear private employee conversations or phone calls.  It can make it very difficult for workers nearby and far away to get into a flow and successfully concentrate on the task at hand. It can also make people around you uncomfortable about discussing their private matters or collaborating in fear of disturbing other employees or being overheard by the wrong person. 

Sound Masking Can Reduce the Radius of Distraction 

Sound masking refers to an ambient sound professionally engineered to the frequency of human speech, enabling you to target any conversational distractions in the office and make them significantly less distracting. It doesn’t cancel or eliminate all speech noise, but it does reduce how far away you can hear other conversations. This is known as the radius of distraction. 

Sound masking can improve employee performance and overall experience working in your office by significantly reducing their radius of distraction. Sound masking services can help make your office seem quieter by raising the overall ambient noise of an environment and making other noises less intelligible and distracting.

Acoustic Privacy 

Even if your office space does not have any walls or visual privacy, it is your responsibility to make it at least feel more private acoustically. It is one thing to see everyone clearly around your office, but it is another to hear every word spoken by all employees around you. Sound masking can help you with the latter by ensuring that employee conversations around you are less intelligible. 

With the help of our professional sound masking services, BCS Consultants can easily create a collaborative and stimulating working environment, allowing the collaboration of an open-concept office while still providing for the privacy and ability for your team to focus on what matters most to your business.  Contact us today for a free consultation.