Simplifying VoIP Monitoring

Simplifying VoIP Monitoring


The world of communication has been given a paradigm shift with the use of VoIP, cloud telephony and mobile IPVoIP Monitoring.This change has not only changed the way people communicate at offices but also for those who have switched to VoIP for personal communication. All these changes have brought about an expansion in the network and the way the network is monitored. Troubleshooting has become a lot more challenging and VoIP service providers as well as the IT teams in offices are learning and unlearning many things.

Does that mean that VoIP monitoring has become more complex or is no more a domain where smaller companies could use their in-house IT team?

We need to analyze this question from the perspective of network management. Simply put, troubleshooting is no more only checking the router or network connection – it has moved beyond all this. There are several things that can go wrong, which includes servers, applications and routers. You need to have a very skilled network specialist who is able to pinpoint the bottlenecks and at the same time overcome them with dexterity. Network performance is a very high priority when it comes to managing a Voice over Internet Protocol system.

How do we go about building a robust network and VoIP monitoring?

It is imperative that all the network management tools and applications are integrated through a common platform. This platform will not only make it easy for users to get a drift about the network’s performance but, at the same time, present the correct picture about the real traffic movement in the network.

The integrated platform would have a back end and a front end. The back end would be concerned with accumulating information about flow, codec, hardware and packets on a real time basis. On the other hand the front end will try to provide a conversational picture pertaining to each VoIP session. All this will eventually lead to easy solutions for network issues that crop up from time to time. The time spent on finding out the problem and devising a proper strategy to solve it will not be long.

Similar analysis can be applied to the networks, sites and applications where each is put under a pre-defined section. The troubleshooting will be all about informing the administrators of various sections about the problem and getting it solved. The management of various sections is taken up by their respective managers and this makes the job easier and faster. VoIP monitoring applications are capable of recreating the events at packet levels and also provide forensic information to the network administrator.

All the network transactions, VoIP calls and E-mails can be recreated, which will eventually make compliance certification and audit easier.  The VoIP monitoring tools are here to help in the network troubleshooting and not eliminate it completely. These tools have been developed to take care of the increasing complexity that would add transparency to the entire system of network or VoIP management.

Some of the important takeaways from the new age VoIP monitoring are:

  • You get an integrated solution for bringing together different tools and application used for network monitoring.
  • You will be able to add analytics that would pinpoint the bottlenecks as and when they appear
  • Delegate the troubleshooting jobs to administrators managing different sections
  • Add transparency to the network audits that helps in easy compliance certification.
  • Easily recreate network transactions, VoIP calls and E-mails

Reduce the time taken for overall monitoring and troubleshooting in VoIP networks

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