The Best Ways to Implement Wireless Solutions in a Large Business Office

The Best Ways to Implement Wireless Solutions in a Large Business Office

If you are planning a wireless network for a large business office, you will need to lean on effective wireless solutions during the planning process. As more companies and consumers become WiFi-dependant, a dependable network is crucial to the growth of a business. There are certain challenges that come with deploying a large-scale wireless network, so today we are looking at the best practices that will allow you to field the ideal WiFi service.

Work within equipment parameters

While it would be ideal to have a single long-range router that can provide a WiFi hotspot to your entire business, this is likely outside of the capabilities of even the most advanced equipment on the market. WiFi connectivity will likely depend upon the placement of several systems in order to ensure even distribution. Wireless network solutions that work for your business may depend on functionally engineered cabling and multiple router systems to provide the desired results. Know the specifications and tolerances of your equipment before you plug and play so that you will be able to predict the results you will acquire in return for your investment.

Avoid the common wireless traps

Initializing a WiFi network intended to provide coverage for a large business will depend on avoiding some of the common pitfalls that networks can fall into. For the most part, these are methods that are intended to provide a larger footprint but can do so only by exacting a price in terms of performance. One example is a Mesh Network, which can deploy several access points without cabling, but by wirelessly daisy-chaining the signal it can lose speed with every jump of the signal. Small businesses may be able to use this method without a measurable degradation in performance, but when used for large-scale coverage it can be disastrous. Other methods such as Double NAT networks and the use of extenders and repeaters can also have similar issues. There is no substitute for enterprise wireless network solutions that get the system right the first time instead of trying to tack on performance boosters later on.

Focus on the fundamentals

The larger the office environment, the more important the fundamental principles of network engineering are to success. Things like cabling plans, site surveys, and network configuration may not be the most exciting aspects of the project, but giving these considerations the time and attention they deserve can make all the difference in the end.

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