Thermal Cameras that Detect Human Body Temperature

Thermal Cameras that Detect Human Body Temperature

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we are all looking for answers on how we can protect ourselves and others from spreading the virus. Businesses have a sense of responsibility to make sure they are keeping their environments free of COVID-19. Hikvision has come up with a solution! They have designed a thermal camera for human body temperature detection with +/- 0.5 degree accuracy! This camera is amazing and will even sound off an alarm if someone is outside of the safe temperature range.

Read on to learn more about how this new thermal camera technology can protect businesses, offices, warehouses, stores, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, and more!


Any object with temperatures above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. A thermal camera converts IR radiation into grayscale values and matches these values to temperature values through an algorithm model.

The Hikvision Bullet /Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras feature AI human body detection to fix the measurement areas to human bodies, thus reducing false alarms caused by other heat sources, like a cup of coffee.


Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. Thermal cameras can be used for the body temperature screening of office workers, shoppers, students, travelers, and patients.


High Efficiency: It only takes one second for a thermal camera to detect temperature of a person, thus allows screening of a large numbers of people at a time.

Safety: Thermal cameras feature non-contact measurement from about one meter away, avoiding unnecessary physical contact.

Embedded Audio Alarms: With a built-in audio module, Hikvision Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic cameras can trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when a person with a fever passes by.

Now you may be wondering how to implement a thermal temperature screening process at your organization. It's easier than you think.

Here are the steps:

1. Set up a screening check point at the entrance lobby.

2. Use the thermal camera temperature screening solution to do a quick screening of the moving crowd efficiently, supporting up to 30 persons at a time. But we still recommend carry out temperature measurement person by person if you are able to do so.

3. Use a thermometer to do a secondary check for persons with an elevated body temperature.

Thermal cameras have been in use in Asia for five years, so thermal solution technology is not new. But now that COVID-19 has impacted businesses everywhere, this technology is coming to America!

Temperature-detecting thermal cameras will provide the peace of mind people are looking for when entering crowded spaces and places of high risk. It also allows businesses to help control the spread of COVID-19 going forward into the future.

Hikvision's thermal cameras with +/-0.5 degree accuracy are currently going through FDA approval, but you can call the experts at BCS Consultants at 949-333-1020 if you would like to set up a virtual demo tour to see a Hikvision thermal camera in action now right from our lobby!