VoIP And CRM Integration

Why Should You Integrate Your VoIP and CRM systems?

Every business organization needs certain elementary tools for managing their businesses and nurturing its relation with customers. These tools include telecommunication systems, computer systems, the right kind of software, and various other types of productivity tools. Now all these tools of various genres collectively contribute to the success of the business organization in question.

If we look around, we will find that more and more companies are opting for VoIP telecommunication systems, partly due to its cost effectiveness and partly due to the seamless management. However the biggest driving factor is the value added digital capabilities offered by VoIP.

Another big advantage of using a quality enterprise class VoIP system is that, it offers the provision of being integrated with various other productivity tools, like the ones used for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These tools come in handy for managing the deals and leads, customer relationships. Also, they help in evaluating the performance of the customers in the basis of territory and sales teams, members of the sales teams, and so on. This is the reason VoIP and CRM together deliver the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Delegation of work
  • Plugging of loopholes
  • Data assimilation

Let us understand these points a little better.

Guarantee And Illustrate Professionalism

Integration of VoIP and CRM leads to effective handling of the incoming calls, projection of a positive and vibrant image of the business to the callers. Integration of VoIP with CRM is definitely a positive step ahead, which ensures that the calls can be professionally handled and followed up as well.

Ensure Effective Delegation Of Calls

VoIP and CRM go a long way in effectively handling call routing. It facilitates matching and helps the businesses chalk out appropriate CRM strategy.

Collecting and Collating the Data

An effective integration of the VoIP with the CRM also collects a wide range of vital statistics and data and collates them together to depict the true picture of a business at any given point in time. For instance, data like the average time taken by the sales calls – both cold and warm, the average holding time of the customers, sales performance metrics, and various other vital statistics can be collected and collated by an effective integration of VoIP and CRM.

Chalking The Right Strategy

Last but not the least, integration of VoIP and CRM also helps in chalking out a sound strategy, which will help in measuring the strong points of a business, as well as identifying the pain areas and those areas, where there are opportunities of further growth.

Thus, it can well be said that a good VoIP system, more so when integrated with a CRM go a long way in providing a lot of value added facilities, which help businesses to manage the leads, build up rapport with the customers and create more sales opportunities.

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