Why Choose Fiber Optic Broadband For Your Busines

If you are switching to the latest communications system for your company then it is time that you consider replacing the old Internet cables at your office with fiber optic broadband. Many people are considering fiber optic broadband to usher in the era of ultra fast Internet connection. These cables are manufactured from plastic or glass fiber and are capable of carrying digital information at unbelievable speeds of 50Mb/s – 100Mb/s. Earlier, broadband used DSL connected by copper wires but fiber optic cables carry the signal over long distances without losing the original signal strength even when they are far away from the exchange.

Majority of the communication service providing companies offer solutions that are delivered in a better manner only over the fiber broadband. Thus, your business is better connected, with highly productive employees and lower business technology costs. Several companies, schools, healthcare facilities, etc., have immensely benefited from the fiber broadband. This new technology can provide higher cost savings to the companies while delivering great advantages.

Fast Internet

The use of fiber connection helps you to enhance your organization’s broadband capacity (i.e. you will be able to enjoy higher speed and enhanced performance). With the use of fiber broadband you will be able to avail several ITs as well as voice services, which did not perform well with the copper wire. High speed internet will automatically improve your business prospects as your staff will be able to work much efficiently over the internet and you will be able to process even large files with complete ease.

Reduce costs

Fiber broadband facilitates the use of a single connection for both the voice and data services, thus giving your business the much-needed edge over your competitors. You do not need to split your voice and data services and maintain the same over a single connection. You will be able to enhance performance and at the same time reduce the communication expenses. You can consult your retail service provider on using the existing PABX and IT systems or you can even consider upgrading everything to IP.

Phone and Voice

It has been a norm to use the copper lines for voice calling but the telephone services can now be provided over the fiber broadband connection through the use of IP telephony. Thus, you will be able to cut down the operational costs of business telephones. With the use of the intelligent fiber broadband telephone services, you will able to manage the calls that you make or receive.

Data Networking

There is a huge increment in the speed of transmitting data over a fiber connection. You will also be able to save a lot of time and money on data transfer from your office to the suppliers and customers. Data transfer all over the world will become more efficient and affordable with the use of fiber broadband. The capital expenditure on IT hardware can also be reduced by using outsourcing of processing solutions and data storage. You will be able to secure your vital business data by storing them at multiple locations and facilitating disaster recovery.

Cloud Solutions

The highly efficient fiber broadband enabled network will help your business make a smooth switch to cloud communication systems. You will be able to purchase a variety of IT services like web hosting, email, data storage etc. Hence, you will not have to invest a fortune on hardware and at the same time avail enterprise level services. You will also be able to secure your business from any unwarranted disaster. There is a wide range of cloud services in the pipeline to be released with the increase in the use of fiber broadband.

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