Why is Remote Video Monitoring Important?

Why is Remote Video Monitoring Important?

Remote video monitoring is perhaps the most effective solution for deterring crime. It's like having eyes and ears on the ground with real-time decision-making capabilities. Without cloud surveillance in the background, regular video surveillance offers little more than footage you can use as evidence in court. But the damage has already been done.  

Improved Visibility

While having a security guard is an excellent deterrent against crime, there are certain limitations you should know.


For one, security guards can't keep tabs on every nook and cranny of the building at once. Hiring more security guards can work, but it comes at a steep cost. This is where remote video monitoring comes in. This type of security monitoring can be programmed to cover all areas of your building for improved visibility.


Pro tip: Pairing remote security surveillance with data analytics can go a long way in detecting and notifying security guards and law enforcement about incidents that might typically go missed.

Emergency Response

Crime doesn't stop just because your security guards are off the clock. Most businesses need 24/7 security, especially when no one is present. Remote video monitoring can alert your security teams when intruders have breached the facility.


Emergency alarms can be subtly raised to dispatch security guards to the area that needs protection and alert law enforcement.


Furthermore, remote video monitoring leads to fewer false alarms because more visual information is being collected to make accurate monitoring decisions.


Even the best security guards are prone to fatigue, not to mention that the job can get quite boring. This can lead to human error and cause monitoring gaps that allow intruders the perfect window of opportunity.


This growing risk of unpredictability and human error can be accounted for with the use of remote video monitoring as your security team becomes much more effective at covering multiple areas. This is even more true if you have a lot of ground to cover and secure, such as a large shopping mall.


Remote video monitoring can fill up these security gaps and make it easier to secure a large area. You now have multiple eyes on the ground with an efficient security team that takes a proactive approach to crime deterrence.

A remote video monitor will give you peace of mind because your security is practically guaranteed. The cameras will be your eyes and monitor your property at all times. They are effective, improving stability, and improving your emergency response protocols should the need arise.


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