Verkada’s Approach to Enhanced Security

Verkada’s Approach to Enhanced Security

Video surveillance is used to safeguard people, land, and investments – especially in our current climate. In 2023, the video surveillance market is expected to be worth $62.6 million. There are many companies working in the industry of video security systems. One of the top names is Verkada.

Verkada is based in San Mateo, California, and was established in 2016 by software engineers and computer security professionals from MIT and Stanford University.

The team at Verkada is on a quest to improve the physical security industry of various businesses. They try a different approach to surveillance cameras system design than their competition. Consequently, they can deliver all devices with network security guiding principles activated by default, requiring no additional configuration.

Verkada's Security Design Methodology for Your Business

Verkada creates corporate video security systems that integrate technology with sophisticated browser software in a safe, user-friendly package. Regional servers and network video recorders are no longer needed with Verkada.

Each camera uses industrial-grade storage to store video evidence. Even if the lens itself gets into the wrong hands, the video is kept secure using public key infrastructure, prohibiting unauthorized access.

Because HTTPS/SSL security is set by default, no extra configuration is needed to keep your data safe. Verkada cameras also avoid the risks associated with public ports because they only interact through outbound methods and are instantly self-firewalled when they initially access the network.

Verkada makes it simple to handle access privileges across your organization concerning access control. Directly from Verkada's cloud software, easily issue, edit, or cancel access privileges for any customer.

Users and organizations can readily control accessibility using the software solutions provided to them by Verkada. Lastly, software updates and upgrades are done automatically, with security fixes arriving in as little as 24 hours. This implies that the system is constantly running the most up-to-date software.

Security Features

Notifications for Access Control Events

Organizations may remain on top of possible dangers by using proactive door alerts. Teams may feel secure about allowed admissions into structures, or restricted areas of any facility, with alerts that warn users of unexpected door-based activities, such as forceful opens, doors propped open, or after-hour visits.

Real-time Audio

Live sound provides organizations with new degrees of real-time context and knowledge of events occurring across several locations. Live audio not only improves visibility and issue resolution but also allows teams to use Verkada cameras to broadcast activity in real-time without the need for extra video equipment.

Notifications of Persons of Interest

Person of Interest Alerts sends out real-time text or email alerts when a particular individual is spotted onsite. Administrators are informed of individual sightings without actively watching feeds by comparing faces recognized in frame with an existing file from the organization or an uploaded picture.

It's a good idea to assess the present security status inside your firm before embarking on infrastructure improvements or alterations. You'll need to figure out who needs to be involved, where gaps exist in your current configuration, and how changing your system will affect your policies and procedures. 

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