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Why Your Company Needs Integrated Audio Visual Solutions

You might have heard of the term “audio visual integration.” It is a common term in the business world, and it is thrown around quite frequently. Most people have an idea of what it could mean, but not many people know how to articulate a specific definition for it.

How Many Companies Use Video Conferencing

The onset of a global health crisis with the COVID-19 outbreak in the latter part of 2019 and early 2020 completely changed the global landscape. Businesses found themselves forced to operate remotely, necessitating alternative communication methods that could allow effective collaboration in a remote work environment.

5 Benefits of Commercial Alarm Systems

Some business owners want to reduce their business costs by avoiding unnecessary expenses, including investment in security. Mainly because they believe that an investment in security is a big expense. Today more than ever, it’s time to reconsider your view because the benefits of securing your business outweigh any costs you incur in the short term.

Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System

Security is one of the top priorities for businesses of all sizes, and it is becoming increasingly important with the changing dynamics of the workplace. If your business has expensive equipment and confidential information, protecting your business’s assets is critical for your success.

Why is Remote Video Monitoring Important?

Remote video monitoring is perhaps the most effective solution for deterring crime. It's like having eyes and ears on the ground with real-time decision-making capabilities. Without cloud surveillance in the background, regular video surveillance offers little more than footage you can use as evidence in court.

Verkada’s Approach to Enhanced Security

Video surveillance is used to safeguard people, land, and investments – especially in our current climate. In 2023, the video surveillance market is expected to be worth $62.6 million. There are many companies working in the industry of video security systems.

Is the Cloud More Secure Than On-Premises Security?

In today's environment, where cyberattacks are more frequent than ever, companies feel an increased need to bolster their online security. Therefore, many companies are experiencing a transition from on-premise security to cloud-based security.
On-Premise Security
On-premise security involves using physical servers and a data center in the office to store your information.

The Shift from Traditional to Hybrid Cloud Video Security Systems

The video surveillance industry has seen a lot of changes in the last few decades. From closed, proprietary technologies to open, IP-based networks with cloud access and storage, video surveillance systems are rapidly transforming, forcing businesses to remain in constant transition and continually upgrading their on-premises solutions to keep up with the latest developments.

How to Choose the Right Video Security System for Your Organization

No business is immune to security threats, such as intrusion, data and equipment theft, and burglary, among others. As a result, video security systems have become a staple for businesses. They help owners and managers keep an eye on their facility and business activities to ensure their employees, clients, data, and equipment are safe.

Pros And Cons Of Cloud-Based Cameras

One of the most exciting technologies on the rise today is cloud-based surveillance. Cloud-based cameras are a relatively new technology that allows anyone to connect these devices to their home router, uploading the camera footage directly to the cloud.