3 Benefits Of A WiFi Site Survey For Your Business

3 Benefits Of A WiFi Site Survey For Your Business

There is no doubt that the business world has rapidly evolved over the past decade, and with it, brought changes to the way we conduct our day-to-day business activities. As a result, we have witnessed significant technological advancements which have proven to increase overall business profitability by a great margin. One such development is the introduction of wireless networking technology which uses radio waves to offer a wireless high-speed Internet and network connection, known as WiFi. However, to ensure the best connectivity across your business' network, it is essential to conduct a WiFi site survey. Below are three benefits of conducting a wireless site survey.


  1. Optimizes wireless signals

A slow Internet connection can be extremely frustrating, not least because the majority of your employees will likely depend on it, whether it's to access your servers, update records, facilitate transactions, communicate internally and externally, and most importantly, offer timely customer service. However, it also affects the customers who depend on your bandwidth, whether to make purchases, use your facilities or to run their own businesses. If you can't cater to their needs you increase the risks of losing them to your competitors. However, conducting a WLAN survey helps in identifying the optimum amount of bandwidth required for your business proceedings and the size of your user base, whether they're based on site or remotely and considering the kinds of activities they carry out.


  1. Helps save money

Conducting a WiFi survey helps determine the exact amount of money required to make installing wireless technology efficient and effective. This is because a detailed WiFi site survey will be able to discover the best locations in your premises to place access points in order to avoid dead spots and radio wave interference to achieve the most effective signal reach. This means you have a clear idea of how many APs are required and their total installation costs, enabling you to budget more accurately.


  1. Enhances data security

Reports of hackers stealing user data can do more than just damage a business' reputation; it can even lead to business closures. With data protection requirements more stringent than ever, there's never been a better time to book a WiFi site survey to protect your business' data, whether you operate in commerce, hospitality, healthcare or professional services. Site surveys act as a foundation to ensure a secure solid network base is built to serve only those authorized devices. The result is a robust, stable, and swift internet connection that can be easily monitored and updated with security patches to deter breaches, as well as promptly notifying you if there are any potential threats on the network and how to counteract them.


Bottom line

In order to build a successful WiFi system for your business, ensure that you engage an experienced and professional IT company dedicated to helping you design and build a sustainable networking solution. This starts with conducting a WiFi site survey. To find out more, get in touch today.