What Is a Wireless Access Point System and Why Is It Essential for Your Business?

What Is a Wireless Access Point System and Why Is It Essential for Your Business?

The state of your WiFi is a significant influence on the state of your business

Regardless of the sector that your company operates within, it is highly likely that you require robust and consistent internet services that allow employees to complete their work efficiently. What’s more, as wireless technology grows in popularity, you may have started to notice colleagues and workers use smartphones, laptops and wireless printers on an increasingly regular basis.

Ultimately, the days of the Ethernet cable particular, and businesses can no longer do without an efficient wireless network, also known as WiFi. For organizations hoping to establish a WiFi connection on their premises, there are a couple of available service options, including investing in an access point that projects WiFi signals to devices within a specific area or investing in a range extender that augments the reach of a WiFi network that already exists.

For professional businesses with several employees, however, a wireless access point is a necessity.

What is a wireless access point?

In essence, a Wireless Access Point is a device that generates a WLAN across an office or large building. The device itself is connected to a wired router, hub or switch through an Ethernet cable, and a signal quickly to a particular area or structure.

What is a wireless access point used for?

An access point allows organizations to extend the range of a wireless router so that a large number of users can log on to the internet services at any one time. For example, if businesses want to establish a WiFi connection in an individual meeting room or reception area but do not have a wireless router within an adequate range, they can install an access point near the desired area, running an Ethernet cable that leads back to the server room.

Why is a wireless access point important for business operations?

  1. It is more effective than a range extender

It may be tempting to invest in a range extender to improve WiFi signal. However, most businesses will need something more powerful. Indeed, an access point can support over 60 simultaneous device connections, allowing users to roam between rooms and offices without experiencing network failures. Devices connected via an access point can quickly shift to an access point elsewhere in the building without the user even noticing.

  1. It improves network security

Modern WLANs are designed with brilliantly robust security systems that restrict unauthorized devices from accessing the network. Rather than merely requiring users to input a network password, modern WLANs need authorized devices to include a distinctive signature, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

  1. Wireless access points help your business get ready for growth

While the installation of access points may seem a little time-consuming at first, they help set your business up for future growth. Indeed, you do not want to be spending your time setting up new access points amid a busy period. Do yourself a favor and get prepared.

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