3 Benefits of WiFi Site Surveys for your Business

3 Benefits of WiFi Site Surveys for your Business

We are living in a wireless world, and we have to play by the wireless rules.

Every day the traffic of mobile devices grows, and by next year the vast majority of IP traffic is going to be transmitted by WiFi. This can be bad news for businesses that don't invest in their systems to ensure their coverage, bandwidth, and security. The good news is that a simple WiFi site survey can quickly help you find out where your business is and how far you have to go to meet your wireless data needs.

Why do you need to perform a wireless site survey?

Failure of WiFi to deliver adequate service can be disastrous for business on many levels. It can have a very negative impact on the ability of employees to complete essential tasks as well as giving an unfavorable impression to customers and visitors to your workplace. Security and accessibility can also realize many hidden costs that you are not prepared for. The first step toward addressing these deficiencies is a wireless site survey to discover areas of potential concern.

What is a WiFi site survey?

A wireless site survey, or WiFi survey, is a comprehensive assessment of your wireless frequency to include issues such as channel interference, digital dead zones, and other obstructions to service. The goal of the technicians that perform the survey is to reconcile the initial wifi engineering data with any changes that have occurred in the interim, to include installation of additional systems or new construction that may be affecting the signal. The survey will not only analyze what is going wrong but also offer potential solutions such as alternate access points or additional equipment that may need to be installed to remedy the situation.

The benefits of Wifi site survey for your business

There are three main benefits that you will realize by performing a WiFi site survey:

  • Assessing indirect costs and minimizing potential losses
  • Adjusting bandwidth and performance to be in step with your data requirements
  • Enhancing data security to meet current and future risks

The comprehensive survey will address all of these areas of exposure that can affect your network. It will analyze the performance of current access points (APs), causes of interference, and opportunities to optimize wireless signals. When you know what is affecting the performance of the operating systems, it becomes much easier to address poor network performance. It will also troubleshoot security measures to make an accurate assessment of the network's vulnerability to cyber-attacks and other security breaches.

Do you think that a site survey for WiFi is what you need to ensure your business can remain competitive? We want to help. Contact us at BCS consultants for assistance with this or any of your unified business communications.