3 VoIP Features that Improve Internal Communication

One of the greatest advantages of VoIP features is internal communication. Internal communication, also called employee communication, is the key to the success of any business.

Each and every business has to be a well-oiled machine, and it requires a seamless coordination between the employees along with a dynamic work ethic. When it comes to internal communication, it involves communication within an organization. This can be a communication between one employee and another, between employees and its business partners, between with its stakeholders, or, between various departments inside the organization. In short, it involves communication that involves each and every facet of the business in question.

When there is an atmosphere that is conducive for effective internal communication, it automatically paves way for a healthy brand culture, and helps in building a collaborative team. It also increases employee engagement, empowers them and puts the business at a considerable competitive advantage. In fact, internal communication is the most important facet of any successful business venture today. Let us discuss 3 VoIP features that help in increasing the internal communication of a business organization.

Visual Voicemail

The first of the VoIP features is actually a written transcript, but in the form of email or SMS of the actual voice message. Each and every phone number with every detail thereof is recorded is a visual voicemail. It provides the users the ability to refer to particular messages and transfer them with a mere click of the mouse. This negates the problems of miscommunication and confusion in message forwarding. The system carries out the all-important task of writing the messages out. When it comes to working with other employees, it is possible to quickly access any specific information and take action on it. The presence of a visual menu makes searching the visual voicemails much easier, as people do not have to listen through each voice mail to pick up the right one.


The second of VoIP features is mobility. Since the advent of VoIP, which has been dominating Internet based telecommunication system, the mobility and flexibility of the employees so far as communication is concerned, has expanded tremendously. The VoIP phone based communication system has made it easy for employees to get in touch with others and stay connected with others on a constant basis, even if they are scattered in various parts of the world. Regardless of whether an employee is working from home on a given day, or even if a staff member is a remote worker, VoIP helps to stay connected without any hassle. This technology is also a path breaker, when the future of any business is considered. When a business expands, it may get scattered to multiple locations throughout a country or the entire world. The challenge to keep all the locations and business units scattered in different locations in the same page is easily met with the help of the VoIP. Thus, this feature provides a perfect platform for a seamless real life communication system.

Collaboration Tools

The third of VoIP features is collaborative tool that helps with communication to a wide number of people. Some of these tools include the likes of conferencing, paging, intercom etc. All these tools help to increase the productivity and performance of the employees multiple times. Everyone is brought under one umbrella of communication. Emails are indispensable when it comes to faster communication, though at times they can be of a bit of hassle. In these cases, the quick page comes to the rescue. Then there is conferencing, which helps to reach multiple individuals simultaneously, from the convenience of an office.

VoIP today has become an indispensable communication toll for businesses of all sizes. Call BCS to understand how to use this powerful tool for your own growth.

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