5 Facts On VoLTE You Should Know

In the US, the new buzzword in telecommunications is VoLTE or Voice over LTE network. Wireless operators are doing away with their 2G voice networks so that they can replace their services with 4G LTE. This network has been an outcome of years of experiments conducted by telecommunication companies. With this, the wireless operators aim at lowering their operational costs as they can use their network resources more efficiently.

Customers will be benefited with these efforts as they will get better voice quality and better services. And all this will be making VoLTE or Voice over Long-term Evolution more appealing to the users. Users will get something better quality on their voice calls, they can use both voice and data at the same time, and avail more network efficiency. All this will build up into delivering better services.

In simple words, VoLTE routes voice traffic through the 4G LTE network that carriers use to transmit data. With VoLTE, you will be able to use any device in any network and work simultaneously with voice and data. VoLTE delivers more. Let us look at 5 important features.

Simultaneous Voice and Data Calls

Many times, when you are talking to someone, you may need to check on some data such as a spreadsheet, an email, or a document. Suppose you are discussing a deal and need to know the current price of a particular product. To know the current price, you need to access data. If you are a T-Mobile or AT&T customer you may have done this earlier. However, if you are Verizon or Sprint subscriber, you will have to end the call so that you can check data. Now, after Verizon has rolled on VoLTE you do not have to do that. Access your data while you are on call and complete your business call.

Better Quality Voice Calls

With VoLTE, you can enjoy high-definition voice calling. Although it may be difficult to quantify the improvement in quality you get during these calls, they are of undoubtedly of much higher quality than on 2G and 3G networks. VoLTE can transmit at higher speeds and that itself enable VoIP to send large data packets with lesser compression. However, there are certain requirements – you should have a phone that supports VoLTE; you should be in a place where 4G works, and the person on the other side should also be using 4G.

No Surge in Voice Charges

While using VoLTE you may be worried that your voice charges will increase. Fortunately, they won’t. For using the HD voice minutes, there will be no effect on your data allotment. The network will identify the voice packets and thus keep them separate from your data usage.

Every Phone Does Not Support VoLTE

If you are interested in this technology, then while choosing your phone you really need to be careful. All phones do not support 4G. In Apple phones, only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ support this technology. Similarly for Verizon users, you can choose from LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. If you are having T-mobile, choose among Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light, and LG G Flex.

Volte Is Not Available Across The US

Although this technology has brought about a sensation in the US, it is still not available in every part of the country. Although providers have already deployed VoLTE nationwide, their towers are not equipped to handle higher bandwidth the frequencies involved. Some service providers such as Sprint are yet not providing this service. So, you may have to wait for some time to get access to this new speed.

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