7 Video Conferencing Recommendations you Should Consider

7 Video Conferencing Recommendations you Should Consider

Savvy managers from top companies realize the benefits of investing in video conferencing systems. Unlike audio-conferencing, videoconferencing:

  • Allows vital members to participate in various meetings regardless of their geographical locations
  • Is more engaging
  • Enables swift and superior communication
  • Improves learning
  • Keeps detached team members aligned on company goals

So the elephant in the room isn’t whether your business should switch to a video conferencing system, but rather, finding the right system.

Below we list seven recommendations every business should know if they want a video conferencing system.

  1. Quality and reliability

In a 2017 Study Conducted by Forbes, over 70% of executives acknowledged that the reliability and quality of a video conferencing solution is a top priority when choosing the right system.

Today, numerous companies conduct business review meetings online. That is millions of minutes spent in video conferencing.

Any delay or glitches in a system could cost your business countless hours of lost productivity and thousands of dollars. So consider the reliability and quality of a system when choosing.

  1. Security

Apart from quality and reliability, online security is a significant concern for companies using videoconferencing. Unsecured systems are vulnerable to malware and hackers.

Videoconferencing is often used to discuss sensitive details about your business. For example, company finances, product patents, contracts, and acquisitions are more likely to be addressed.

Having these secrets stolen by hackers can be devastating. It can even lead to urgent compliance issues that may attract lawsuits.

The good news is that protocols can be put in place to improve the security of most video conferencing systems. For instance, most businesses secure themselves by:

  • Improving network security
  • Using a suite of administrative controls
  • Sign-on procedures
  • Encryption
  • Creating role-based access
  • Educating users on a safe use policy
  1. Flexibility and accessibility

Managers on the go may not always have time to travel to a remote conference room or their offices. For instance, line managers working in restaurants and retail stores are still on their feet.

A good video conferencing system should, therefore, be flexible and accessible. Such systems can easily connect to various conference rooms, mobile phones, and laptops.

Also, the system should have intuitive control to enable video streaming, chat, screen sharing, and co-annotation.

  1. Interoperability

Interoperability describes the ability of a videoconferencing solution to work with other systems in your company. For instance, a good system should work well with your company’s security frameworks, CRM platform, and calendar applications.

Systems that fail interoperability tests are usually costly to have because you will have to change existing systems.

  1. Number of participants

How many people are more likely to participate in your conference? With some video conferencing systems, you can connect a few participants for free. So if you don’t anticipate connecting many people, consider these solutions.

Other systems specialize in linking a large number of participants. It is, therefore, essential to know what you need before hitting the market.

  1. Mobile experience

The main benefit of video conferencing is connecting people remotely. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones offer a great way to reach nearly everyone. As such, make sure the system you choose supports and works seamlessly with these devices.

  1. Video and audio recording

It can be wise to save the proceedings of a meeting for later. You may need to go back and replay the highlights. For instance, you could save training materials for future employees.

Therefore, consider whether the system offers cloud storage and the size of the recording space. Most providers limit storage space.

Videoconferencing is here to stay

Companies that adopt it will save costs, build their human resources, foster employee engagement, and outshine their competitors. At BCS Consultants, we want to help you take your business to the next level. Mobilize and get your team members on the same page with our services!