Benefits of Implementing Commercial Outdoor Digital Signage Displays in Your Business

Benefits of Implementing Commercial Outdoor Digital Signage Displays in Your Business

Outdoor digital signage displays are the future of communication and advertisements. Many companies have transitioned from boards to digital displays because of their attention-grabbing colors and graphics. So much so that a digital signage display captures 400% more attention than a static display. Moreover, companies that have invested in commercial digital displays can expect 32% more return buyers than their competitors. With that said, let's explore the benefits of outdoor digital signage to help you understand its potential.


Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage

The benefits of commercial digital displays are essential to any business considering investing in LED signboards. A forward-thinking company would always weigh out the return on ad-spent on its marketing and then determine a suitable channel. Here are several benefits of outdoor digital signage displays.


Highest Reach

The most significant benefit of digital signage is that it captures 70% of its viewers compared to the attention of users of Facebook's at 45%. In addition, digital signage has a higher reach because thousands of potential customers run errands and travel from work to home. Digital signage has greater reach than any outdoor advertisement, and if you run a local business, digital signage will prove to be a better marketing investment than many other options.


More Than One Message

Unlike static boards and signs, digital signage can show multiple messages to potential customers, helping advertise different messages based on their customer's purchase journey. What's more, it can be used to advertise promotions or creating brand awareness campaigns, can be displayed on one digital signage.


Highly Versatile

Conventional signboards are static, and businesses are limited to sharing a single communication for a set duration. The lack of versatility might cause you to lose potential customers and face more marketing expenses. With digital signage, businesses don't need to buy a different board every time they change their advertisement technique.


Improved Retention Rate

The primary objective of outdoor advertisement is customer retention and engagement. Businesses want their potential customers to remember the message they saw and act on the provided information. According to research conducted in Sweden, customers are more likely to remember digital signage than a static signboard because they are more engaging.


Businesses need to innovate to survive in a competitive marketplace, and digital signage allows them to do just that! Contact BCS Consultants offers a wide selection of options to help your business.  Contact them now to get the best commercial digital signage solution.