The Rise of IP-based Video Surveillance

The Rise of IP-based Video Surveillance

The rapid transition from analog to internet protocol (IP) is among the most significant advancements in monitoring. Because of the internet's strength and reach, the combination of IP-based video surveillance and IP technology is ideal if you're looking to expand your video surveillance capabilities.

You must be wondering, what is IP-based surveillance? We have the answer.

IP cameras are essentially digital video recording devices to receive and distribute data over the internet. IP-based devices rely on a LAN connection to send and process information and do not depend on local storage. Let's have a look at some of the benefits offered by this cloud-based surveillance system.


Remote Monitoring

Security monitoring crews may examine live video feeds from laptops, mobile devices, or portable devices with internet connectivity using an IP surveillance network. The captured CCTV footage can also be kept at off-site locations.



Even with changing weather conditions, IP cameras have a much greater resolution and record a clearer picture. They also have a greater coverage area and better digital zoom abilities. Advanced IP-based cameras record precise details so that viewers can read the text on a license plate or the names on an ID badge.



Cloud-based cameras do not need wires to function because they are not linked to any actual computer equipment. Therefore expanding the surveillance system in any area or even many locations within the same network is much easier.

A network video recorder is used with these cameras and connects all the cameras in a specific range to a switch port. This switch can then be routed to the NVR, significantly reducing cabling, setup, and maintenance fees.


Cloud-based surveillance cameras at your business is a must-have if you want to safeguard your property, workers, and resources. Most employers and organizations already use CCTV surveillance systems to monitor daily activities, including during and outside of working hours. An IP-based camera will only add to the perks and will undoubtedly be a wise investment!

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