Benefits of Improving the Acoustics in Your Office with Sound Masking

Benefits of Improving the Acoustics in Your Office with Sound Masking

Workplace soundproofing is an effective way to boost employee morale, improve work efficiency, and prevent information leakage. Moreover, various audio solutions help improve workplace safety where sensitive information is shared during meetings. 

Understanding Sound Masking Technology

Audio Visual technology companies have created an innovative method of protecting sensitive data from reaching the wrong ears; this has become possible by using emitters installed in a grid pattern running along with the ceiling. These emitters produce pink noise that masks human speech and prevents unwanted distractions during critical conferences and meetings. 

Why Businesses Need to Improve the Acoustics in the Office

As a result of the pandemic, 1.5 million employees are working remotely. Private office space is disappearing for more open concept office where employees can share space. This open concept makes it difficult to control sound levels and greatly affects privacy. Hence, many companies have resorted to sound masking to prevent information breaches and control business interruptions. Below are a few benefits of improving the acoustics in your company. Going through these advantages will help you realize the importance of sound masking solutions at your workplace. 

Benefits of Improving Acoustics In Your Company


     1.Protecting Information Through Advanced Noise Reduction 

Audio technology companies use pink noise for sound masking. Pink noise can be defined as equal energy per octave, and it's often associated with white noise. However, pink noise is an advanced variant of white noise more enjoyable to listen to in a workplace. Familiar pink noises include rustling leaves of steady rain. These sounds can mask the audio inside the conference room while creating a soothing environment contrary to white noise. 

      2.Fewer Distractions

Noise distraction reduces work efficiency by 86 minutes per day because it diverts attention and causes distractions. Moreover, loud noises can become psychological and physical distractions, forcing employees to lose track of their work. In addition to this, the distracted staff is prone to accidents and errors, leading to lowered productivity and efficiency.

     3. Enhanced Productivity 

Unwanted noises distract employees every 11 minutes, causing an additional delay of 23 minutes for the employee to get back on track. Moreover, a single distracted employee can cause disturbance to the rest of the team members, causing a ripple effect. If the workforce is less distracted, they are more involved with their tasks. Moreover, engaged teams have the potential to bring a 21% increase in profitability for their company. 

In Conclusion 

Workplace sound masking through audio systems is an effective way to boost productivity and create a safer working environment. Most importantly, it helps employees feel valued, which promotes organizational citizenship. BCS Consultants is a one-touch seamless solution to audio masking, working to create a better working environment for modern workplaces. If you are looking to improve organization efficiency, we recommend visiting BCS Consultants for more information.