5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Use Enterprise Collaboration Software

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Use Enterprise Collaboration Software

As technologies become more accessible, businesses are incorporating various software solutions to communicate with their employees effectively. However, this ease of access and improved productivity is creating more vulnerabilities to security breaches. 

With 81% of all US companies using at least one application through cloud computing, it’s clear that this technology is rapidly expanding into newer markets. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons for your company to use Enterprise Collaboration Software. So keep reading to learn more. 

5 Reasons to Choose Enterprise Collaboration Software for Your Business

According to the digital guardian, the average cost of a security breach for a company is around $8.19 million in 2019. This reason is enough to switch to Enterprise Collaboration Software, but we have more. 

  • Manage Remote Work, and Adjust to the Pandemic

One of the prime benefits of Enterprise Collaboration Software is the accessibility of data. Since your work applications can be accessed by employees anywhere globally, it creates more flexibility and boosts employee efficiencies. The only downside to this is that employees don't follow cybersecurity best practices. As new malware variants are rapidly increasing, it can be challenging to contain the damage and remove the intruder in time. 

  • Eliminate Weak Links 

In June 2020, nearly 80% of companies in the US experience data breach; this is an alarming percentage for companies that share critical information over the internet or through video conferencing. What's more surprising is that some of these data breaches were not due to malicious intent. Instead, they were a result of weak links and poor security. Enterprise Collaboration Software enables organizations to allow limited access to sensitive information, create a safer cloud computing system, and leave less room for interlopers. 

  • Ensure Disaster Recovery 

Most businesses that aren’t using Enterprise Collaboration Software are at risk of a total standstill. Disaster can strike anytime, be it fire or flood. If your information is kept in physical form, your business could suffer from the loss of valuable data. Using Enterprise Collaboration Software can reduce and even contain damages to your organization in case of an emergency. 

  • Prevent Security Breaches 

Data security on the cloud has become more important than it was before. You no longer have complete control. By running your business applications on a public or a hybrid cloud, you trust your valuable data to a third party. You must make sure your cloud computing provider understands the risks involved. On the other hand, Enterprise Collaboration Software runs a private cloud server that is restricted to external usage, enhancing the security of your valuable data.

  • Ensure Compliance With Regulations 

Regulators like HIPAA and GDPR are very stern if you store customer data on the cloud because your business is solely responsible for its security. You have to be accountable if a breach occurs. A serious data breach will surely damage your brand reputation and risk liquidation, but you will also be held answerable to external parties. You can't pass the blame to your third-party cloud service because your business is in the middle of everything. Hence, businesses use Enterprise Collaboration Software to keep security in their hands. 

In Summary

As more companies switch to cloud computing, online data security will eventually become more crucial for business. It's the only way your competitors and clients can have the upper hand and infiltrate your company's defense. 

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